Bored President Trump Tweets Promotion Of T.V. Show Airing Saturday Night (IMAGE)


President Trump’s tweets often leave the country perplexed and wondering what the motive could possibly be behind sending it out. Most often, his motive is to promote either himself in all his perceived greatness or to plant misinformation in his supporters’ heads.

His latest tweet, however, really has everyone wondering.

It’s no secret that Jeanine Pirro, the host of the Fox News show Judge Jeanine is an avid and open supporter of Donald Trump. Not much one for objective journalism, Pirro referred to Trump during the elections as “the biggest change agent ever” and called for the prosecution of American citizens exercising their constitutional right to protest against a racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic president after his inauguration.

Of course, Trump rarely tweets anything that isn’t self-promotion and he has an affinity for Fox News because of their twists on news stories that paint all of his worst statements, ideas, and actions into a positive.

The best guess anyone has is that Jeanine Pirro is set to reveal something that either supports one of the many lies Trump has told recently, which includes accusing President Obama of “wiretapping” him during the campaign, or somehow starts a whole new round of fake news stories that make Trump’s enemies, the media and the Democratic Party, look like the evil villains.

One thing is for sure, whatever insanity Jeanine Pirro has planned for her show tonight, she won’t touch the truth about Trump and the “more than circumstantial evidence” that his campaign team colluded with Russia to steal an election and become the GOP’s latest illegitimate president. Distracting the public from that story, or misleading them about it, is Trump’s go-to strategy.

One can only guess that Pirro plans to help him do that.

Featured image via Getty/Nur Photo