Chris ‘Doormat’ Christie Stabs Trump In The Back Over Wiretap Claims (VIDEO)


Friendships like the one between Donald Trump and New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie (R), are the kinds of fake, vindictive, two-faced, backstabbing friendships you were likely warned about as a child. Christie regularly made it very clear that he didn’t think Trump was fit to be president. Inversely, Trump made it crystal clear that Christie’s larger physique wasn’t pleasing to the vain Trump.

Nevertheless, when it came time for Republicans to rally around Trump, Christie was one of the first and most staunch Trump supporters. Political insiders speculated that Christie’s desire to be in a White House Cabinet or leadership position motivated his sudden switch from frenemy to best bud. Christie’s tactic didn’t work and as cabinet and other positions were being handed out, Christie was left on the outside looking in.

Now, when Trump’s back is against the wall and he needs the support of all of the fake friends who have routinely rallied around him, it seems that Chris Christie is shifting positions yet again. Trump is renewing wiretapping claims against President Obama for the umpteenth time.

In a clear attempt to take attention away from James Comey having said there is no evidence of wiretapping and the horrible, terrible, very bad failure of the GOP health plan, Sean Spicer went even further down on the morality totem pole by saying that there is evidence of the wiretapping, despite the FBI saying there is no evidence. Taking his foolishness a step further, Spicer asserted that no one will know the evidence because the FBI won’t release it.

What Spicer fails to acknowledge is that to date, Trump, the accuser, has yet to furnish any proof of wiretapping. This latest attempt to blame, deflect, deny, and lie by the Trump administration gave Christie, the consummate opportunist the perfect chance to seem relevant by offering his two cents.

When asked if he thought there was as possibility President Obama ordered that Trump be wiretapped, Christie, a former federal prosecutor said:

‘There certainly doesn’t seem to be any evidence of that at this point.’

Wait, that’s not what Sean Spicer claims. Christie went on to assert that it would’ve been hard for President Obama to get a judge’s order in his favor the the kind of surveillance that Trump has accused President Obama of having engaged in.

Reminding about his legal background Christie said:

‘I know from having spent seven years as a U.S. attorney that the FISA court and the way that works and foreign intelligence surveillance activities; it is very, very difficult to get that type of activity going. You have to go and convince an independent judge. So I don’t see any evidence of that at this point in time. We’ll continue to listen, but I can tell you from my experience that kind of stuff is very difficult to get.’

Turnabout is fair play and it sounds a lot like Christie threw Donald Trump under the same bus Trump kept Christie from getting on. Watch below to see how smooth Christie was with his return to frenemy territory with Donald Trump:

Featured Image via Getty/Mark Wilson/Staff