JUST IN : Michael Flynn Turns On Trump – Makes Deal With The FBI (DETAILS)


‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when we conspire to deceive;’ those are wise words that the Trump administration should’ve heeded a long time ago. While the Trump administration is still making wiretapping claims, some closest to him are making it clear they’re willing to talk to federal authorities regarding their relationships with Russian government officials during the presidential campaign.

Moreover, with all of the evidence coming out that Trump indeed has connections to Russia, one has to wonder who is providing the information. Harvard Professor and CNN Contributor, Juliette Kayyem has a logical theory as to who is perpetuating what Roger Stone, Paul Manfort et al are alluding to publicly.

According to Kayyem’s hypothesis, embattled former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn is so complicit in his ties to the Trump/Russia mess, the only thing he can do to save himself, is rat everyone else out. It’s in this spirit that Flynn has been quiet and remained under the radar while Stone, Manafort and others, are asking for the chance to talk on their own free will as opposed to being subpoenaed.

Kayyem took to Twitter to share her theory as to why it seems Flynn has flipped on Trump:

Breaking down Kayyem’s theory is Huffington Post’s Seth Abramson, who provided insight into what Kayyeem may mean, via Twitter:

Abramson goes on to break down who the “bigger target” is and remind of who the other players are:

He also points out that Flynn was always a controversial pick for National Security Adviser:

In case none of this makes sense to you, simply put, Flynn is the person in the best position to bring Trump down:

Featured Image via Getty/Andrew Burton/Staff