Ivanka Trump Makes Huge Political Announcement – She Is Taking Charge (DETAILS)


The Hill has reported that Ivanka Trump will attend and upcoming summit on the economic empowerment of women.

The reports say that German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited the First Daughter to the event during the Chancellor’s recent visit to the White House.

The W20 Summit will be held this April in Berlin and will be attended by women from 20 countries around the world. According to reports, Ms. Trump will be there studying successful internship programs.

During Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Ms. Trump often served as the president’s liaison to women where she tried to distract from her father’s numerous sexist comments such as when he called a beauty pageant star “disgusting” or the infamous Access Hollywood tapes. In this tapes, Trump bragged about committing sexual assault and said that being a star allowed him to get away with such things.

Shortly after those tapes were released, Ivanka tried to deflect from her father’s comments by saying that she knew that those comments were not a reflection on her who her father really is.

That incident served as a microcosm of Ivanka’s role on her father’s campaign. Whenever he was attacked due to his treatment of women, Ivanka would try and smooth things over. She often tried to claim that her father was a feminist and that her success was proof of that.

However, many felt that Ivanka’s feminism was merely an act to help bolster her brand. As the New York Times said, the feminism that Ivanka wrapped herself in was a fake feminism designed to be commoditized and sold.

‘But while Ms. Trump has found both professional and personal success by enjoying many of the benefits of feminism, she is far from an avatar of a feminist future. Instead, she’s a kind of post-feminist huckster, selling us traditional femininity and support of male power wrapped up in a feminist bow.

Indeed, in an attempt to smooth out the anti-nepotism concerns of her husband’s appointment, Ms. Trump will no longer run her own brand or serve as an executive with the Trump organization and is moving with her family to Washington — even as her brothers will continue to run the family company. Her plan, she said, is to “take time to settle our three young children into their new home and schools.”’

With that in mind, the idea of Ivanka going to the W20 Summit is a bit disturbing. We could be wrong, but we doubt that she has any real interest in empowering women. Rather, it’s likely that she sees this as an opportunity to either bolster her brand or help bolster her father’s falling approval ratings.

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