Trump Plays In Big Truck – Buzzfeed Responds By Making Photos Into Children’s Book


Donald Trump’s recent photo op in a semi-truck is probably one of the most bizarre things any president has ever done.

Many responded with shock given that the President of the United States, Donald Trump had the same reaction as your average 5 year old when getting to climb into the driver’s seat of the truck. The photos, as a result, are hysterical.

That said, the photos also held tremendous potential to be created into something more and to tell an important story about the current state of the country. Buzzfeed apparently did not want to let this opportunity pass them by. In a move likely motivated, at least in part, by President Trump’s constant crucifying of Buzzfeed due to their decision to publish the Russian #GoldenShowers allegations from the leaked intelligence dossier — they used the photos to create a picture book.

Entitled “The President and the Big Boy Truck,” the book is said to be 36 pages long. David Mack of Buzzfeed is the author, and it is being sold as a hardcover for the very economical price of $9.99. News of the sale of this book was publicized by Buzzfeed via their Twitter account. In the video promotion, an adult is seen reading a portion of the book to an enthralled group of students sitting cross-legged on a carpet.

Based on the excerpt, the author uses the book to poke fun at Donald Trump’s response to the truck, his woefully inadequate vocabulary and how unaccustomed this president is to real hard work. While these jabs are exceedingly subtle, they can be detected, and that is a pretty impressive feat considering the bulk of the text seems to contain a mere three to four words per page.

The book is being marketed as a genuine children’s book, but is likely largely satirical. The product description on the Buzzfeed shop describes the book as:

‘A fun day in the life of our Commander-in-Chief, ‘The President and the Big Boy Truck’ is a fun read for ALL ages that shares the story of a special day for the President and his love of trucks.’

Check out the full promotion video below:

Feature Image screenshot via Twitter.