Jared Kushner In The Hot Seat – Aspen Flight Logs Reveal A Very Suspicious Detail


For months, President Donald Trump has protested that he has no ties to Russia and has frequently insisted that such claims are conspiracy theories concocted by disgruntled supporters of Hillary Clinton.

However, despite his protests to the contrary, Trump and members of his family are often seen in the company of Russian oligarchs. For example, his daughter Ivanka invited the wife of one of Russia’s wealthiest businessman to attend the inauguration as her guest.

Photojournalist Eric Rosenwald has uncovered yet another possible link between the Abramovichs and Trump’s family. It turns out that Kushner’s plane arrived in Aspen on March 18th, the same day that Roman Abramovich’s did. Abramovich is known to be a close ally of VladimirJar Putin.

It should be noted that Abramovich does have a home in Aspen and there’s no direct evidence that Abramovich met with the Kushners.

However, that is not the only suspicious flight log that Rosenwald uncovered. It turns out that Abramovich’s plane also flew to the Lesser Antilles on the same day that two planes linked to Trump’s counsel, Michale Cohen, did.

‘On Thursday, March 20, Abramovich’s plane flew to the northern Lesser Antilles, a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea. On the same day, two aircraft linked to Michael Cohen did the same – one via Palm Beach, Florida, home of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. It’s important to note that Caribbean nations are famous for their tax haven status, and it’s possible that these trips are purely coincidental.

‘Abramovich’s aircraft landed in St. Maarten, while two smaller Beauty Central LLC-owned Gulfstream jets landed in Anguilla (one of which stopped in Palm Beach, first.) St. Maarten, St. Martin, St. Barth and Anguilla are nearly the same destination. The islands lie several miles apart and have close economic and social ties. St. Maarten (formerly Dutch) and St. Martin (formerly French) are actually two sides of the same island. Each island has an airport, but they differ in their size and ability to serve large aircraft.

‘It’s unclear WHETHER[sic] or not any of these flights are related, but further investigation is certainly warranted.’

To be clear, there is no way of knowing whether Abramovich actually met with anyone tied to Trump or Cohen, but things look bad in light of Trump’s ongoing issues surrounding Russia.

Featured image via Instagram.