JUST IN: Congress Demands Trump Apologize For Wiretapping Claims (DETAILS)


Finally, members of Congress are standing up to President Donald Trump.

Trump’s continued assertion that President Barack Obama ordered surveillance on him and his team during the 2016 presidential election has generated a lot of added and unnecessary controversy for him and his administration. Following the assertion, the Trump administration was given a deadline by the Department of Justice by which to file evidence to support the accusation — which they didn’t, because they have none.

Following that, members of the American intelligence agency formally and informally testified that there was no evidence to support Trump’s accusation. Members of President Obama’s administration also denied the accusation, and people across the country have been calling on Trump for weeks to share what led him to make such an off-handed and concerning statement.

Now, thanks to Trump’s complete unwillingness to walk back his claim, 40 congressmen have joined forces with Democratic representative Mark Pocan, urging the president to formally apologize to Barack Obama.

Pocan and his new allies in this endeavor, signed and sent a letter addressed to the president which read, in part:

‘We… demand you to apologize to President Obama for the recent false claims you made about the Obama Administration wiretapping Trump Tower.

‘As this investigation [into potential collusion between Trump’s campaign team and the Russian government] continues, we urge you and your Administration to follow a simple rule: tell the truth.’

They further reference and confirm that they agree with the speculation that this entire wiretapping allegation is meant to serve as a distraction to make people lose focus on the Trump/Russia investigation:

‘Further distracting the American people with inaccurate statements and attempts to deflect from the serious nature of this investigation are harmful to our national security and the integrity of this important investigation.’

Rep. Mark Pocan is one of many politicians who have claimed to possess insider information pertaining to the Trump/Russia investigation. Pocan followed up Adam Schiff’s assertion that there is “more than just circumstantial evidence” tying Trump’s team to colluding with the Russians, by telling the world that he has seen “damning evidence.”

Pocan and Schiff no doubt believe that it is only a matter of time before the American intelligence community comes forward with this “damning” information and pushes the White House to impeach Trump as a result.

Rep. Pocan, along with the other members of Congress who signed this letter, likely want public pressure on intelligence agencies to continue at full force, so that justice can be served on the matter as swiftly as possible.

READ the portion of the letter shared by Rep. Pocan via Twitter here:

Feature Image via Getty Images/Leigh Vogul.