NY Times Columnist Rips Trump To Shreds – White House Freak Out Looming


There is no shortage of things to say about Trump. It’s no secret that the majority of Americans aren’t Trump supporters or fans. However, if a person were ever confused about the way one New York Times columnist feels about Trump, he made it crystal clear in an op-ed earlier this month.

The op-ed was written to reminisce on Trump’s first 50 days in office and the author, Charles Blow did not mince words. He wrote:

‘We have now passed the 50-day mark of the Donald Trump administration and one thing is clear: There is no new Trump.

There is only the same old Trump: Dangerous and unpredictable, gauche and greedy, temperamentally unsuited and emotionally unsound.’

He wrote that Trump’s Twitter Tantrums (TTTs) make him look “foolish” and “unhinged.” He also noted the media ends up having to fact check the lies he tweets out and that it’s getting old:

‘In these fits of rage, he generates a lie or repeats one, which shifts the burden of proof to the legitimate media to swat it down and defend the truth. This exercise is already getting old.’

With that, he wrote his “TTTs” not only hurt his credibility but America’s credibility as a whole. He’s the fresh, orange face of Americans on the global stage. He is supposed to represent us, and he’s far from a good representative. Remember when he wouldn’t shake hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel? It was childish and an embarrassment to America.

‘Trump’s assaults on the truth are not benign. Presidential credibility is American credibility. There is no way to burn through one without burning through the other.’

He went on to write that along with all the regulations he’s reversed with help from his Republican cronies, he’s now attempted to institute a healthcare plan that would have proven to be deadly for poor Americans.

‘Trumpcare would likely not only be more expensive and cover fewer people, but some people currently in need of care to extend their lives would no longer get it.

Put quite simply: This plan is not only bad, it could be deadly.’

Thank JAYSUS Republicans couldn’t get their junk together and unify on it. The vote for the American Health Care Act was pulled at the last minute as it had become obvious Republicans did not have enough votes.

That’s when he also had harsh criticism for Trump’s penchant for travelling, writing that the entire family is “burning through taxpayer funds like it’s Monopoly money.” Problem with Monopoly money is, there is no pass for ‘Go collect $10 million.’ He also wrote that the money being considered there does not include the travel and security costs of his children or the fact Melania and Barron still remain in New York City in Trump Tower.

‘This doesn’t even include the travel and security costs of Trump’s children or the cost of Trump’s wife and son remaining in Trump Tower in New York, at least for now, which is estimated to cost taxpayers hundreds of thousand of dollars a day.’

Blow then identified the hypocrisy behind this, considering Trump was a major critic of Obama’s vacation budget, and the fact that fellow conservatives — who had always been critical of Obama’s every move, have said nothing.

During the campaign, many thought surely it was an act for the trail to get the average Joe to support him and that he would become more presidential when he entered the White House.

Blow dismissed that notion entirely, and he asserted that he believes it will only get worse:

‘I think any who have been holding out hope that Trump will eventually change into someone more polished, professional and amenable than the man we have come to know must simply abandon that hope.

This is a 70-year-old man who has lived his entire life as the vile, dishonest, incurious creature who got elected. That election validated his impulses rather than served as a curb on them.’

That’s when Blow wrote the harshest criticism as of yet — that is still capable of being printed without censorship. He called him a parasite.

‘Trump will continue to debase and devalue the presidency with his lies. Trump will continue to follow Bannon’s philosophy of internal deconstruction of our government, its principles and its institutions. And Trump will continue to leech as much personal financial advantage as he can from the flesh of the American public.

That’s who Trump is. America elected a parasite.’


Featured image via Getty Images/Mark Wilson.