‘President’ Trump’s University Lawsuit Just Got Nuts – Prepare For Tantrum


Oooooh, President Donald Trump is about to get his butt handed to him.

As many are aware, President Trump is currently in court trying to work out settlement deals for a variety of lawsuits. While not the most contentious and controversial of his many lawsuits, one of these is a class action lawsuit to the tune of $25 million pertaining to Trump University. This class action lawsuit has been talked about extensively as it demonstrates some very disturbing things about Trump’s character, and when Trump was delivered an initial verdict he didn’t like, he delivered vile, racist comments about Mexicans due to the background of the deliberating judge.

At least one member of this class action lawsuit is rejecting the settlement offer tabled by the defendant, Mr. Donald J. Trump, and the documents articulating this position have been shared online.

According to Ben Meisalas, a prominent attorney who reviewed the objection, and litigates federal class action cases, the settlement should be rejected across the board. In a statement, he asserted that:

‘These people weren’t even involved in the negotiations, which were done by class attorney and likely the class representative. Having a non-opt out clause in the agreement reeks of collusion and reflects a clear goal of protecting president trump at the expense of class members. They should not forfeit their fundamental right to a trial. A fraud is a fraud whether you are president or pauper, and victims deserve their day in court.’

This does mean that Donald Trump is likely to have to sit in front of a judge again, now as more than a Republican candidate, but as the sitting President of the United States. He has Kellyanne Conway’s husband to thank for this, as he won the right to take a sitting president to court, which he sought over a feud with Bill Clinton.

The member of the class action who rejected the settlement here, Sherri Simpson, previously wrote to the court to discuss how she felt after being swindled and conned by Donald Trump. There within, she describes feeling vulnerable, made to feel stupid,and profoundly taken advantage of. She has since asked permission from Judge Gonzalo Curiel to allow other victims the opportunity to “opt-out” of the settlement so they could join her in seeking full repayment from Trump.

Top lawyers consent that Simpson has a viable legal argument which could lead to the thousands of victims involved in the class action lawsuit to engage in a civil court racketeering trial again President Donald J. Trump. This would then classify Trump University as a criminal enterprise and victims would be able to seek $3 for every $1 that Donald Trump swindled from them – compared to the 50 cents for every dollar offered in the settlement.

Does anyone else feel the breeze of the crashing gavel? Donald Trump is likely flexing his twitter fingers as we speak.

Check out the full document from Simpson’s lawyers below for more information:

Trump University – Sherri Simpson – Memorandum of Law Supporting Objection by Grant Stern on Scribd

Feature Image via Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.