Trump Adviser Deletes Psychotic Tweet – Olbermann Calls Him Out Hard (TWEETS)


Do you know the name Roger Stone? If you don’t, you should! Stone is a Trump surrogate, who has moved somewhat under the radar, but is a member of the modern Republican party’s tightest of circles.

Stone is among the most vile, disgusting, wretched beings to ever breathe air. Just to put that in context, Stone, an adviser to many Republicans especially Donald Trump, should carry himself with class and grace, but instead says things like:

Stone also has an affinity for tweeting disgusting things, then in true coward’s fashion, deleting those tweets. So much so that famed writer J.K. Rowling even got in on calling Stone out on his reprehensible ways:

It’s Stone’s tweet/s to @RVAwonk that were a source of Twitter contention and have led to intelligence officials wanting to question Stone. Things escalated quickly after Stone tweeted:

Dozens of people fired back at Stone; @RVAwonk was among those who replied. She simply reminded Stone of the dangers of knowingly defaming someone’s character, in writing:

With that tweet, @RVAwonk pushed Stone’s buttons, triggered him in every way, and set off a firestorm that has led to Stone deleting tweets that confirm his knowledge of Trump and his staff having connections to Russia. There is far too much to this story to capture in one article, but in one of the many thoughtless Stone tweets that has since been deleted, he bragged:

One of many problems with that bold admission is that by admitting to having a “back channel” to Assange, Stone is connecting himself to the source of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal. If that source is Russia, as has been speculated for months, then Stone, Trump et al have just been thrown under the bus by one of their own. The irony? Their trip under the bus happened via Twitter, where they all love to spend so much of their time.

For many, confirmation of Stone’s, Trump’s and others’ wrongdoing is evidenced by Stone’s deletion of his self-incriminating tweets; those tweets can be found here. Caroline O. (@RVAwonk) points that out:

Evidence of Trump’s connection to Russia and the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal are adding up. Roger Stone’s major meltdown now has people remembering things that didn’t seem major at the time, things like:

Roger Stone has said that he is willing to talk to intelligence officials and would prefer to do so without being subpoenaed.

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