Telecom Just Paid Congress For Your Browser History – The $$$ Amount Is Insane


Congress has agreed to sell the public out to special interests at a low, low price. In the two months since Donald Trump took office, the Republicans have unravelled all sorts of President Barack Obama’s regulations. Tuesday, they pulled a fast one.

Last week, the Senate passed a bill that allows the gigantic communications companies such as Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast (Xfinity) to buy and sell people’s internet histories. The companies can do this without anyone’s knowledge or consent, according to Business Insider. Tuesday, the House of Representatives did, too. When Trump signs the bill into law, it will be a done deal.

Internet providers can capture and sell email addresses without permission. There are several bright spots. People may be able to opt out of this severe invasion into their privacy, but the details are not known at this point.

Second, congress campaign finance records transparency shows exactly the price the communications giants exacted from each congressperson’s soul to sell his or her constituents out. The National Institute On Money In State Politics site lists the amounts including both PAC money and donations from the companies’ employees.

The Senate resolution passed 50 to 48 along a party-line vote.

The communications giants gave the most money to Republican Senator John Thume of South Dakota, $215,000. Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana gave up his people’s privacy for just $1000 in donations. Of course, there is Republican Senator Luther Strange of Alabama who sold out for $0. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley appointed him to replace Republican Jeff Sessions, who was recently appointed attorney general by the new president.

The House passed the resolution in a 215 to 205 vote. The majority of Republicans voted for it, while most Democrats voted against it.

The House member who wrung the most out of the telecom industry is Republican Representative Greg Walden of Oregon. He received $155,000 in the last campaign season. Republican Representative Clay Higgins of Louisiana sold his people out for a miniscule $300.

The question is, which is worse?

From the National Institute On Money In State Politics, this is the price of people’s privacy by senator:

Alexander, Lamar: Republican TN $86,400
Barrasso, John: Republican WY $63,000
Blunt, Roy: Republican MO $185,550
Boozman, John: Republican AR $56,450
Burr, Richard: Republican NC $58,500
Capito, Shelley: Republican WV $24,675
Cassidy, Bill: Republican LA $34,909
Cochran, Thad: Republican MS $123,750
Collins, Susan: Republican ME $57,550
Corker, Bob: Republican TN $43,600
Cornyn, John: Republican TX $148,800
Cotton, Tom: Republican AR $70,025
Crapo, Mike: Republican ID $11,000
Cruz, Ted: Republican TX $40,840
Daines, Steve: Republican MT $38,700
Enzi, Mike: Republican WY $45,100
Ernst, Joni: Republican IA $28,200
Fischer, Debra: Republican NE $21,850
Flake, Jeff: Republican AZ $27,955
Gardner, Cory: Republican CO $95,023
Graham, Lindsey: Republican SC $74,522
Grassley, Chuck: Republican IA $135,125
Hatch, Orrin: Republican UT $106,750
Heller, Dean: Republican NV $78,950
Hoeven, John: Republican ND $25,800
Inhofe, Jim: Republican OK $38,000
Johnson, Ron: Republican WI $123,652
Kennedy, John: Republican LA $1,000
Lankford, James: Republican OK $21,000
Lee, Mike: Republican UT $60,913
McCain, John: Republican AZ $84,125
McConnell, Mitch: Republican KY $251,110
Moran, Jerry: Republican KS $130,950
Murkowski, Lisa: Republican AK $66,250
Perdue, David: Republican GA $37,000
Portman, Rob: Republican OH $89,350
Risch, Jim: Republican ID $27,000
Roberts, Pat: Republican KS $100,200
Rounds, Mike: Republican SD $40,166
Rubio, Marco: Republican FL $75,535
Sasse, Benjamin: Republican NE $31,800
Scott, Tim: Republican SC $60,200
Shelby, Richard: Republican AL $27,000
Strange, Luther: Republican AL $0*
Sullivan, Daniel: Republican AK $10,550
Thune, John: Republican SD $215,000
Tillis, Thom: Republican NC $41,220
Toomey, Patrick: Republican PA $143,456
Wicker, Roger: Republican MS $151,800
Young, Todd: Republican IN $28,670

From the National Institute On Money In State Politics, this is the price of people’s privacy by representative:

Abraham, Ralph: Republican LA 5th $5,750
Aderholt, Robert: Republican AL 4th $26,500
Allen, Rick: Republican GA 12th $9,500
Amodei, Mark: Republican NV 2nd $22,000
Arrington, Jodey: Republican TX 19th $8,450
Babin, Brian: Republican TX 36th $8,000
Bacon, Donald: Republican NE 2nd $7,000
Banks, Jim: Republican IN 3rd $12,100
Barletta, Lou: Republican PA 11th $14,700
Barr, Andy: Republican KY 6th $28,400
Barton, Joe: Republican TX 6th $39,750
Bergman, Jack: Republican MI 1st $21,200
Biggs, Andy: Republican AZ 5th $5,000
Bilirakis, Gus: Republican FL 12th $55,000
Bishop, Mike: Republican MI 8th $40,500
Bishop, Rob: Republican UT 1st $5,500
Black, Diane: Republican TN 6th $27,750
Blackburn, Marsha: Republican TN 7th $84,000
Blum, Rodney: Republican IA 1st $5,500
Bost, Mike: Republican IL 12th $29,750
Brady, Kevin: Republican TX 8th $20,000
Brat, David: Republican VA 7th $6,000
Bridenstine, Jim: Republican OK 1st $1,000
Brooks, Susan: Republican IN 5th $44,300
Buchanan, Vern: Republican FL 16th $18,900
Buck, Ken: Republican CO 4th $15,750
Bucshon, Larry: Republican IN 8th $33,000
Budd, Theodore: Republican NC 13th $10,000
Burgess, Michael: Republican TX 26th $39,500
Byrne, Bradley: Republican AL 1st $17,500
Calvert, Ken: Republican CA 42nd $12,000
Carter, Buddy: Republican GA 1st $12,250
Carter, John: Republican TX 31st $22,500
Chabot, Steven: Republican OH 1st $25,500
Chaffetz, Jason: Republican UT 3rd $38,100
Cheney, Liz: Republican WY 1st $18,400
Cole, Tom: Republican OK 4th $14,000
Collins, Chris: Republican NY 27th $57,500
Collins, Doug: Republican GA 9th $42,850
Comer, James: Republican KY 1st $14,750
Comstock, Barbara: Republican VA 10th $56,457
Conaway, Mike: Republican TX 11th $18,500
Cook, Paul: Republican CA 8th $15,000
Costello, Ryan: Republican PA 6th $38,750
Cramer, Kevin: Republican ND 1st $71,750
Crawford, Eric: Republican AR 1st $9,000
Culberson, John: Republican TX 7th $8,000
Curbelo, Carlos: Republican FL 26th $45,700
Davis, Rodney: Republican IL 13th $49,000
Denham, Jeffrey: Republican CA 10th $47,000
Dent, Charles: Republican PA 15th $25,200
DeSantis, Ron: Republican FL 6th $21,634
DesJarlais, Scott: Republican TN 4th $3,000
Diaz-Balart, Mario: Republican FL 25th $26,500
Donovan, Daniel: Republican NY 11th $16,000
Duncan, Jeff: Republican SC 3rd $12,610
Dunn, Neal: Republican FL 2nd $13,750
Emmer, Thomas: Republican MN 6th $18,500
Farenthold, Blake: Republican TX 27th $19,000
Ferguson, Anderson: Republican GA 3rd $7,000
Fitzpatrick, Michael: Republican PA 8th $38,320
Fleischmann, Chuck: Republican TN 3rd $18,000
Flores, Bill Republican: TX 17th $40,500
Fortenberry, Jeff: Republican NE 1st $3,500
Foxx, Virginia: Republican NC 5th $13,250
Franks, Trent: Republican AZ 8th $16,500
Frelinghuysen, Rodney: Republican NJ 11th $55,456
Gaetz, Matt: Republican FL 1st $7,000
Gallagher, Mike: Republican WI 8th $16,019
Garrett, Scott: Republican NJ 5th $14,750
Gibbs, Robert: Republican OH 7th $8,000
Gohmert, Louie: Republican TX 1st $8,000
Goodlatte, Bob: Republican VA 6th $73,950
Gosar, Paul: Republican AZ 4th $2,000
Gowdy, Harold: Republican SC 4th $15,750
Granger, Kay: Republican TX 12th $15,000
Graves, John: Republican GA 14th $34,000
Graves, Sam: Republican MO 6th $31,000
Griffith, Morgan: Republican VA 9th $36,500
Griffith, Tim: Republican AR 2nd $16,915
Grothman, Glenn: Republican WI 6th $10,600
Guthrie, Steven: Republican KY 2nd $81,500
Harper, Gregg: Republican MS 3rd $33,800
Harriis, Andy: Republican MD 1st $3,000
Hartzler, Vicki: Republican MO 4th $10,500
Hensarling, Jeb: Republican TX 5th $10,000
Hice, Jody: Republican GA 10th $6,000
Higgins, Clay: Republican LA 3rd $300
Holding, George: Republican NC 2nd $31,100
Hollingsworth, Trey: Republican IN 9th $10,000
Hudson, Richard: Republican NC 8th $45,400
Huizenga, Bill: Republican MI 2nd $7,500
Hultgreen, Randy: Republican IL 14th $10,000
Hunter, Duncan: Republican CA 50th $19,000
Hurd, William: Republican TX 23rd $63,000
Issa, Darrell: Republican CA 49th $66,275
Jenkins, Evan: Republican WV 3rd $10,000
Jenkins, Lynn: Republican KS 2nd $34,750
Johnson, Bill: Republican OH 6th $56,500
Johnson, Sam: Republican TX 3rd $16,700
Jordan, James: Republican OH 4th $24,750
Joyce, David: Republican OH 14th $16,500
Katko, John: Republican NY 24th $32,250
Kelly, Mike: Republican PA 3rd $34,700
Kelly, Trent: Republican MS 1st $3,300
King, Peter: Republican NY 2nd $9,000
King, Steve: Republican IA 4th $20,500
Kinzinger, Adam: Republican IL 16th $75,250
Knight, Steve: Republican CA 25th $32,500
Kustoff, David: Republican TN 8th $16,300
Labrador, Raul: Republican ID 1st $10,000
LaHood, Darin: Republican IL 18th $15,500
LaMalfa, Doug: Republican CA 1st $5,000
Lamborn, Doug: Republican CO 5th $28,400
Lance, Leonard: Republican NJ 7th $43,000
Latta, Bob: Republican OH 5th $91,000
Lewis, Jason: Republican MN 2nd $10,500
LoBiondo, Frank: Republican NJ 2nd $14,500
Long, Billy: Republican MO 7th $57,250
Loudermilk, Barry: Republican GA 11th $8,000
Love, Mia: Republican UT 4th $16,500
Lucas, Frank: Republican OK 3rd $14,500
Luetkemeyer, Blaine: Republican MO 3rd $21,000
MacArthur, Tom: Republican NJ 3rd $19,000
Marchant, Kenny: Republican TX 24th $12,000
Marshall, Roger: Republican KS 1st $20,500
Massie, Thomas: Republican KY 4th $2,750
Mast, Brian: Republican FL 18th $10,500
McCarthy, Kevin: Republican CA 23rd $99,100
McCaul, Michael: Republican TX 10th $37,200
McHenry, Patrick: Republican NC 10th $51,000
McKinley, David: Republican WV 1st $24,500
McMorris, Cathy: Republican WA 5th No Data
McSally, Martha: Republican AZ 2nd $40,500
Meadows, Mark: Republican NC 11th $4,000
Meehan, Patrick: Republican PA 7th $64,200
Messer, Luke: Republican IN 6th $18,750
Mitchell, Paul: Republican MI 10th No Data
Moolenaar, John: Republican MI 4th $12,500
Mooney, Alexander: Republican WV 2nd $6,000
Mullin, Markwayne: Republican OK 2nd $47,250
Murphy, Timothy: Republican PA 18th $26,000
Newhouse, Daniel: Republican WA 4th $10,000
Noem, Kristi: Republican SD 1st $38,200
Nunes, Devin: Republican CA 22nd $37,750
Olson, Pete: Republican TX 22nd $57,500
Palazzo, Steven: Republican MS 4th $11,100
Palmer, Gary: Republican AL 6th $2,000
Paulsen, Erik: Republican MN 3rd $50,500
Pearce, Steve: Republican NM 2nd $20,400
Perry, Scott: Republican PA 4th $17,000
Poe, Ted: Republican TX 2nd $23,000
Poliquin, Bruce: Republican ME 2nd $47,500
Posey, Bill: Republican FL 8th $3,000
Ratcliffe, John: Republican TX 4th $24,500
Reed, Thomas: Republican NY 23rd $31,500
Renacci, Jim: Republican OH 16th $48,000
Rice, Hugh: Republican SC 7th $18,500
Roby, Martha: Republican AL 2nd $33,200
Roe, Phil: Republican TN 1st $500
Rogers, Hal: Republican KY 5th $12,500
Rogers, Mike: Republican AL 3rd $25,000
Rohrabacher, Dana: Republican CA 48th $1,350
Rokita, Todd: Republican IN 4th $20,200
Rooney, Laurence: Republican FL 19th $16,625
Rooney, Tom: Republican FL 17th $19,000
Roskam, Peter: Republican IL 6th $33,600
Ross, Dennis: Republican FL 15th $17,000
Rothfus, Keith: Republican PA 12th $30,900
Rouzer, David: Republican NC 7th $15,000
Royce, Edward: Republican CA 39th $14,000
Russell, Steven: Republican OK 5th $16,450
Rutherford, John: Republican FL 4th $6,000
Scalise, Steve: Republican LA 1st $121,750
Schweikert, David: Republican AZ 6th $4,000
Scott, James: Republican GA 8th $6,000
Sensenbrenner, Jim Republican WI 5th $30,000
Sessions, Pete: Republican TX 32nd $40,400
Shimkus, John: Republican IL 15th $104,425
Shuster, Bill: Republican PA 9th $35,500
Smith, Adrian: Republican NE 3rd $28,500
Smith, Christopher: Republican NJ 4th $6,000
Smith, Jason: Republican MO 8th $47,500
Smith, Lamar: Republican TX 21st $56,200
Smucker, Lloyd: Republican PA 16th $8,000
Stewart, Chris: Republican UT 2nd $12,500
Stivers, Steve: Republican OH 15th $27,000
Taylor, Scott: Republican VA 2nd No Data
Tenney, Claudia: Republican NY 22nd $8,500
Thompson, Glenn: Republican PA 5th $16,500
Thornberry, Mac: Republican TX 13th $32,025
Tiberi, Patrick: Republican OH 12th $53,250
Tipton, Scott: Republican CO 3rd $23,500
Trott, Dave: Republican MI 11th $12,500
Turner, Mike: Republican OH 10th $6,000
Upton, Fred: Republican MI 6th $108,250
Valadao, David: Republican CA 21st $37,400
Wagner, Ann: Republican MO 2nd $45,750
Walberg, Timothy: Republican MI 7th $38,500
Walden, Gregory: Republican OR 2nd $155,100
Walker, Bradley: Republican NC 6th $16,750
Walorski, Jackie: Republican IN 2nd $21,250
Walters, Mimi: Republican CA 45th $47,450
Weber, Randy: Republican TX 14th $4,000
Webster, Daniel: Republican FL 11th $2,500
Wenstrup, Brad: Republican OH 2nd $9,400
Westerman, Bruce: Republican AR 4th $11,000
Williams, Roger: Republican TX 25th $5,500
Wilson, Joe: Republican SC 2nd $11,500
Wittman, Rob: Republican VA 1st $11,050
Womack, Steve: Republican AR 3rd $15,500
Woodall, Rob: Republican GA 7th $9,250
Yoho, Ted: Republican FL: 3rd $4,000
Young, David: Republican IA 3rd $41,750
Young, Don: Republican AK 1st $28,650

Featured Image: Getty Images/Daniel Barry.