Trump Tweets After Making Stupid Remark About Susan B. Anthony At Women’s Event


Trump is at the Twitter again!

The tweeter-in-chief tweeted his enjoyment of participating in the Women’s Empowerment Panel during Women’s History Month.

‘@FLOTUS Melania and I were honored to stop by the Women’s Empowerment Panel this afternoon at the @WhiteHouse.’

Wow. If he enjoyed it so much and enjoyed the empowerment of women, how come he only has four whole cabinet members that are women? They also happen to be in low-level positions when compared to the positions such as Attorney General and Secretary of State.

Furthermore, he must really have enjoyed it to make such an asinine remark about Susan B. Anthony. During the speech, he commented:

‘Susan B. Anthony, have you heard of Susan B. Anthony? I’m shocked you’ve heard of her.’

It doesn’t help that in his introduction he came off as a man from the 1950s talking to a group of female students in a patronizing, over-gentle tone. He assured the room he was having a lot of fun.

He even admitted if he were not president, he wouldn’t want to compete with women in the business world because there is no defeating women. He was referring to the fact that his administration supposedly wants to support female entrepreneurship. He said:

‘As a man, I stand before you as president, but if I weren’t president, I wouldn’t be happy to hear that statement. That would be a very scary statement to me because there is no way we could compete with you, so I would not be happy.’

Trump, you still have plenty to be unhappy about. We’re women. We’re unhappy, and we’re powerful. Shake in your boots, little man.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.