Watch What Happens When Trump Voters Are Asked If They Trust Him (VIDEO)


Tweeter-in-chief Donald Trump says that his tweets are a way for him to bypass the what he calls fake news and get his message directly to his 27 million @realDonaldTrump followers and 16 million @POTUS followers. CNN set up a panel of Trump voters to see how they really felt about the president’s tweet storms.

As expected, members of the panel approved or disapproved of Trump to different degrees, but they all agreed on one issue. They believed that the new man in the Oval Office should not react to Saturday Night Live via negative tweetsThey did not think it was befitting of the president to respond to Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of him.

CNN “OutFront” reported that one person said:

‘He has no sense of humor. That was hilarious!’

A second panel member said:

‘Humor at its best. Alec Baldwin did a fabulous job!’

Ilene Wood said:

‘I feel it’s a great way to reach out to your constituents and create a give-and-take, because people obviously respond to his tweets, retweet the tweets. In general, I’m in favor of it.’

Emma Leach however thinks that Trump’s use of tweets makes him more relatable to younger voters now, as opposed to the pre-Twitter days:

‘But today she’ll know what Trump tweeted or what Trump did or what executive order happened. She’s involved now.’

Wood said that there are two sides to using tweets:

‘In some situations, that’s an excellent thing because he’s able to get the word out very quickly and perhaps get reactions and responses back. But at the same time, it creates a possibility of engaging your mouth before you’ve engaged your brain.’

A Democrat who voted for Trump, Scott McCommons disagreed, saying he thinks less of the president due to his tweets and wishes he had not voted for the man:

‘I think he rants and raves. He doesn’t think about it. I think he can do a lot better things with his time. Your twitter rants are out of control – I voted for you to make America great again, run the country sir!’

Check out this video of CNN’s panelists commenting on Donald Trump’s tweeting habit below:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.