Top Trump Staffer Leaves W.H. For Secret Outside Job Promoting POTUS Agenda


A top Trump staffer is ditching the White House for an outside job promoting President Donald Trump’s agenda.

On Thursday morning, it was announced that Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh, who came over to the Trump administration from the RNC, would be leaving the White House to work as an adviser for a pro-Trump non-profit which is supposed to provide “air cover” for the implementation of the president’s agenda but has been struggling lately.

Walsh will also, according to POLITICO, serve in an advisory capacity to the RNC, which saw much of its senior staff exit in recent months for jobs in the Trump White House.

The move underscores the intense difficulty that has met the Trump administration’s efforts to actually accomplish anything substantive. Although the president came into office with guns blazing, so to speak, promising to “Make America Great Again,” the only thing he’s actually accomplished is to hold onto the support of the most dedicated parts of his base through thick and thin. That’s exactly what Trump meant to do all along, but it’s not exactly a goal fitting of the President of the United States.

Perhaps prompted by the reality check that hit the Trump administration full force once he actually took office, Walsh will now be trying to help spearhead efforts to reach out to possibly opposing interests as the Trump administration moves forward.

The White House’s efforts to reach out to Democrats haven’t been successful, with one Congressional Democrat recently flatly rejecting an invitation from the White House for a meeting, but there’s still opposition Republicans to deal with. It’s the Republicans of the Freedom Caucus who killed Trumpcare, for instance, asserting that it was nothing more than “Obamacare 2.0”

Many have decried the unwieldy influence that groups such as “America First,” for whom Walsh will be working, have had in deliberations such as those surrounding the failed healthcare bill.

At a press conference on Walsh’s departure on Thursday afternoon held by a group of senior Trump advisers, the administration sought to assuage concerns that Walsh’s departure represented discord within the presidential administration.

Zeke Miller of TIME Magazine wrote on Twitter that Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and Jared Kushner were all “effusive in praise” for Walsh while speaking at that press conference.

Featured Image via Zach Gibson/ Getty Images.