Fox News’ Shep Smith Tears Nunes To Pieces Over White House Meeting (VIDEO)


On Friday, Fox News host Shepard Smith took the liberty of calling out the White House for its attempt to distract the American public from the Senate Intelligence Committee’s current investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible connections to the Russian government.

Smith spoke with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who pointed out that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been doing seemingly everything in his power “to avoid at this point – the collaboration, and one could argue even the collusion between Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence committee, a separate and independent body that is supposed to be investigating all this, and the White House.”

Wallace then pointed out that Nunes “met with members of the National Security Council inside their offices at the White House” but that their jobs weren’t in jeopardy because of the meeting. He then went on to assert that Nunes went to the meeting to phish for information to backup Trump’s allegations that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped the phones in his New York City Trump Tower.

Wallace continued, adding:

‘This whole question of the relationship between Nunes, the man who is supposed to be leading an independent investigation of Donald Trump and the White House and its relations with Russia, his relationship and apparent cooperation with the Trump White House is really quite interesting.’

Wallace then went on to note that, as a former member of Trump’s transition team, Nunes “was a little bit compromised” and should have taken precautions to avoid the conflicts of interest.

That’s when Smith lost his sh*t and totally went off on Nunes, saying:

‘To put a point on it, on that day when the FBI had the hearing with Director Comey, Nunes said ‘You’ve cast a black cloud over this White House with this investigation.’ There’s a black cloud that will be there until it’s resolved. You need to get it resolved. The very next day came this sort of weapon of mass distraction, this under cloak of darkness meeting on the White House campus, where no one in the West Wing knows who it was and now the semantics games are being played. These are not actions about people being transparent about their dealings.’

BOOM. Just like that.

But Wallace, obviously the more reserved host of the pair, said: “I’m not going to go as far as you are, Shep.”

Watch the exchange between Shep and Wallace below:

Feature Image is a screengrab via the video.