The New Yorker’s Latest Trump Cover Photo Has W.H. Staff On Eggshells (IMAGE)


Since being elected president, there’s no denying Donald Trump has proven to America that he is good at doing two things: destroying the White House and golfing. The New Yorker depicted this perfectly with their April 10th cover story entitled, “Broken Windows.”

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Since the beginning of his term Trump has been nothing but a failure, managing to become one of the most disliked U.S. presidents in history. He endorsed one of the most disapproved pieces of legislation in history, the American Health Care Act, declaring failure just 17 days later.

Trump also broke the record for taking more vacations than any other president during their first month in office, playing golf three out of the first four weekends of being in the Oval Office.

Former ethics attorney for George W. Bush, Richard Painter, even said this about President Trump’s golf trips:

‘Are we going to have a four-year campaign? Are we going to pay for that? Are we going to pay for him to be there every weekend? We have always accepted that presidents [sic] campaign in the year of an election, but he has been in office one month.’

Artist Barry Blitt said about his cover story:

‘I see that the word “duffer” is defined as “a person inexperienced at something, especially at playing golf. That’s the word that comes to mind as I watch President Trump ploughing one drive after another through the glass windows of American politics.’

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