Trump University Victims See Victory – Lawsuit Settles With Tremendous Payout


Amidst all the scandals that have arisen since President Trump was inaugurated in January, some may have completely forgotten about the Trump University lawsuit.

Trump was pestered with questions about the lawsuit throughout the 2016 election, although the fact that he had been accused of misleading thousands of students with his unregulated and unlicensed “school” was clearly not enough to stop him from winning the presidency.

The President also spent years refusing to settle the two class action lawsuits and one New York civil case that were brought against him and his “university.” He even claimed in a tweet that he “could have settled but won’t out of principle.”

However, just days after his November victory, Trump agreed to a $25 million settlement.

On Friday, Judge Gonzalo Curiel — whom Trump once dubbed a “hater” and accused of not being able to rule fairly because of his Mexican heritage — approved the settlement. Curiel took things a step further, as well, and decided not to let a former Trump University student who wanted to pursue her own case against the President proceed.

About his decision, Curiel said that the $25 million settlement is “fair, adequate, and reasonable.”

According to a report from The Daily Beast, the approximately 3,700 students who felt they had been misled by the advertisements for Trump University will receive about 90 percent of what they invested. For some, including veterans and elderly individuals who invested in the program, that will be a significant amount of money.

The cost of the real estate seminars ranged from $1,495 for a three-day workshop to $35,000 for a “Gold Elite” program that supposedly included person mentoring from “hand-picked instructors.” In reality, most of those “instructors” were people Trump had never met, something he admitted to during depositions.

The Trump University lawsuit is settled, and the President would do well to put the failed program behind him. However, Trump might also make good on his promise from May of last year to reopen the school.

‘If I don’t win, and even if I do win, we want to open—my kids will open it up again, because it was a terrific school. It was great. It was good.’

Trump might think his “university” was terrific, great, and good, but it seems safe to say that the thousands of students who were ripped off by him don’t feel the same. At least they’re finally getting some of their money back.

Featured image via Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images.