Intel Community Reportedly Ready To Charge Many On Trump Team With Treason


Former National Security Agency Director, John Schindler just confirmed our worst fears.

In a series of tweets, Schindler identified that the Trump/Russia collusion potential is very real and very serious. Through this series of tweets, it is asserted that the NSA has evidence which will demonstrate that Russia’s tampering in the 2016 American election was done in cooperation with Donald Trump’s team.

He offered validating tweets that confirm he has obtained the information from sources close to him due to his previous position with the NSA, indicating the seriousness of the matter, but cannot help himself from throwing some shade at President Trump in the process:

‘I only tell you folks things about the [intelligence community especially with respect to] something #YUGE like #TrumpRussia, when I personally know the spooks telling me the news.’

‘I’m confident that any SERIOUS investigation of #TrumpRussia will find enough intel to end Trump’s admin & send people to jail.’

‘AHEM: US [intelligence community] has considerable SIGINT [person to person intercepted communications] featuring high-level Russians talking about their collusion with Team Trump. You heard it here 1st.’

‘Individually these convos are not all that persuasive, analytically, but collectively, they demonstrate collusion.’

‘[Bottom line up front]: 1 intercepted convo between 2 senior Kremlin guys talking about collusion w/Trump isn’t a big deal; a bunch of them =a very big deal.’

‘[The person to person intercepted communication] is from #NSA & partners. This is called “reflections” in spookdom, ie readouts from convos about current ops.’

To date, all media outlets and various groups have been able to do regarding the Trump/Putin collusion scandal, was call them theories. Now, it seems that is about to change. For an insider in the American intelligence community to come forward and make these claims, it seems reasonable to believe they are true and well supported.

He identified in the tweets themselves that he thoroughly verified the information. If the NSA and “partners” have correspondence between Trump’s team and high-level Russian officials indicating an intentional disruption of the pillar of the United States’ democracy (the presidential election) why are they waiting to act on it?

British member of Parliament Louise Mensch first reported that there was the possibility, following Trump’s tweets, of a FISA warrant which could provide evidence to Trump’s “wire tapping” claims, may have been really onto something.

Grab your popcorn folks, because if Schindler is right, this is about to be the biggest, most controversial, most dramatic takedown of a United States administration in history. And since Trump has not been successful yet in silencing and controlling the free press, the media — us included — will almost certainly make sure you have front row seats.

Conveniently, we already know how Donald Trump looks in orange.

Feature Image via Getty Images.