Seattle Businessman Comes Under Vicious Anti-Semitic Attack – Video Captured


On Saturday, chaos erupted outside of a local Seattle pot shop when a church leader began shouting anti-Semitic attacks at the store owner, telling him to “go back to Germany.”

Omari Tahir-Garrett, a 69-year-old local Seattle church leader who was once arrested for knocking out a Seattle mayor, and lifelong resident of Central District, was outside of Uncle Ike’s pot shop where he was met face-to-face with owner Ian “Uncle Ike” Eisenberg.

Garrett began, shouting:

‘Church people don’t want you there. You’re going to go back where you came from.’

When Eisenberg, who was behind the camera, asked Garrett where he was referring to, Garrett responded, yelling:

‘Germany! Yeah, you’re going to go back to Germany!’

That’s when Garrett popped off, exclaiming:

‘Let them Nazis get on you again! You stupid ass fool.’

Garrett, who is currently running for the a city council position, was seemingly outraged over the fact that the pot shop was built next to 23rd Ave’s Mount Calvary Christian Center.

The Central District/Africatown resident has long been trying to establish an Africatown Seattle Cultural Center, which he plans to do if elected to council. According to Capitol Hill Seattle, Garrett said: “If you want to have peace in a community, you need to have a community center.”

Garrett’s anti-Semitic attack on Eisenberg seems quite contrary to his mission to foster “peace” and “community” within the Africatown district.

The video continues, with Garrett shouting:

‘Go put a dope store next to a church in Germany. You’re a coward little criminal.’

Uncle Ike’s opened beside the local church back in October of 2014, the second I-502 marijuana store to open in Seattle. Mount Calvary Christian Center held a protest following Uncle Ike’s opening, where hundreds of Christians opposed to the shop’s proximity to the church gathered to try to shut the store down.

It’s worth noting, however, that there is also a bar and a liquor store in close proximity to the church.

Garrett previously served 21 months in prison for assaulting former Seattle Mayor Paul Schell with a megaphone back in 2001. A jury convicted him of assault with a deadly weapon, though he still argues that he hit Schell with his fist, not his megaphone.

Watch Garrett totally lose his sh*t in the clip below, via YouTube:

Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.