TMZ Releases Romantic Picture Of Malia Obama & ‘Mystery Man’ – Internet Freaks


These days, pretty much any legitimate news would be welcomed above news out of the Trump White House.

Well, here’s some for you out of the Obama family.

Malia Obama, the elder daughter of Barack and Michelle, is making a name for herself in the New York City entertainment media world, and has recently been seen with a man who looked about her age, prompting speculation from celebrity gossip sites like TMZ that she and the not immediately identified man were dating.

As TMZ reported last Thursday:

‘Basic guys dreaming of dating Malia Obama can take a seat … the former First Daughter looks to have a suitor who is anything but basic. Malia and the mystery guy were cruising through SoHo Wednesday night — looks like they had a 3rd wheel girlfriend with ’em though. As for the dude, he was pretty stylish in a long black coat and knitted cap. More than anything … we know he’s TALL. Both Malia and Barack are 6’1″, and this guy looks to have a good 3 inches on her. They might be just friends, but those smiles seem more than copacetic.’

Well, the man that Malia was seen hanging around with on a number of occasions has been identified and all involved have assured the interested public that the two’s relationship is “strictly platonic.”

The guy’s name is Rob Franklin. He graduated from Stanford University in 2015 and is reportedly starting at Harvard at the same time that Malia plans to do so.

Ironically, for the letdown that it might be to people to find out that the scion of the beloved presidential family doesn’t actually have a boyfriend, has a related scoop of their own.

An anonymous source told the site:

‘Malia [Obama] has never had a serious boyfriend and can’t wait to fall in love. She is enjoying life in New York and is even considering transferring to Columbia at some point. But her biggest problem is finding a cute guy to call her boyfriend. She has secret social media accounts she uses to… possibly even find love for the first time.’

Well, it would be a welcome break from the monotony of political and social destruction wrought by the Trump administration were Malia to find a boyfriend.

Featured Image via Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images