‘PolitiFact’ Checks Trump On ‘International Fact-Check Day’ – Results Are Pathetic


Amidst the complete chaos that is the Trump administration, one thing remains constant: President Donald Trump refuses tell the truth.

On Sunday, International Fact-checking Day, PolitiFact‘s Angie Holan spoke to CNN’s Reliable Sources, telling viewers that President Trump has yet to improve when it comes to his ability to be honest. By now it’s apparent our commander-in-chief has a yuuge affinity for lying.

When host Brian Stelter asked Holan if Trump “has improved since taking office,” Holan responded, saying:

‘As far as what we choose to fact check, which are statements that grab our attention and sound wrong, his track record has not improved. He’s still on our scale earning about 70% of mostly false, false, or pants on fire.’

Holan went on to point out that, despite getting caught on many occasions, Trump won’t back down from a lie:

‘The other thing I’ve noticed about President Trump is he will stick to his inaccurate talking points, he won’t drop them the way some of the more traditional and experienced politicians will if they get repeatedly fact-checked.’

So, not only is he corrupt and dishonest, but he’s also a moron. Great.

It’s ironic, really. The man who is arguably the biggest proponent of “fake news,” who, in reality, began waging a war on established media outlets when he became the frontrunner of the Republican Party last year, actively spreads misinformation whenever it suits his agenda.

Holan continued, adding that fact-checking benefits democracy by helping to inform voters:

‘I think fact-checking works from the point of view of citizens being informed. Democracy doesn’t work without an informed electorate.’

Trump built his campaign on the pillars of hatred, bigotry, and fear. Surely it’s no surprise that he continues to use those tactics to influence supporters and to push an agenda.

When he attacks reputable news outlets such as CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, it isn’t because they’ve reported something blatantly false — it’s because Trump can’t handle that they’ve reported truth. If the media isn’t casting him in a positive light and kissing his a**, they’re attacked and called “fake news” — a blatant attempt to undermine their credibility.

But here’s the thing: a negative story isn’t fake news. A story that lacks details until it develops isn’t fake news. An op-ed/editorial isn’t fake news. Heck, even Breitbart isn’t necessarily fake news. Yes, they’re vile, racist human beings, but if they backup their opinions with facts, that’s not propagating fake news — that’s sharing an, albeit disgusting, opinion.

Trump continues to cry “fake news” each time he disagrees with a story about himself. But that’s not how this works. If he wanted his ego stroked, he really shouldn’t have run for the presidency, because newsflash: it’s not the media’s job to kiss the president’s a**; it’s to act as a vessel of communication between the state and the American people, so the government is held accountable.

Watch Holan comments in the clip below, via Twitter:

Feature Image is a screengrab via Twitter.