White House Advisor Spills The Beans On ‘Isolated’ Trump – Losing Friends Fast


The metaphoric political stars are truly aligned in Donald Trump’s favor in overwhelming proportion. Election 2016 enabled Trump have a Republican House, Congress, Supreme Court pick, and more Republican governors than Democrats. In the words of Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump should be “Winning!”

Trump should be kicking butt and taking names, passing legislation, moving his agenda forward, and keeping his word to “Make America Great Again,” whatever that was supposed to mean. Instead, he is running out of press conferences without signing the executive order the presser was being to cover the signing of. Trump is also scrambling trying to recover and save face from the failure of the little health care bill that couldn’t be.

Donald Trump should be trying to diversify his staff, be more inclusive of a broader spectrum of the people he is supposed to represent, and show that he is for all people. Instead, he is packing his administration full of inexperienced, disliked, polarizing, and equally as privileged as him, family members and friends.

One in three Americans give Donald Trump an “F” in terms of the job he has done thus far. His would-be party allies are fleeing fast and leaving Trump to pick up the many pieces of the messes he is making, by himself.

Images of the happy-go-lucky Obama family seem further gone than the less than 90 days it’s been since they left the White House. To that end, the Washington Post has gone as far as calling Trump’s time in office, “joyless:”

Citizens feeling the oppression, division, and hate that many say the Trump administration has ushered is, are feeling equally as joyless:

David Gergen, a veteran adviser to presidents across party lines dating all of the way back to Nixon, opined:

‘He seems both politically and personally isolated these days. He’s flailing because he doesn’t know where to find his natural allies.’

Even the crooked politicians who have as much to lose as Trump because of their own dishonest choices are jumping ship.

As a result of his polarizing ways, the country isn’t progressing. The Trump administration has failed to sustain any major victories where matters of agenda and policy are concerned. Trump continues to be embroiled in distracting lawsuits that call his integrity to question.

The sad reality is that there doesn’t seem to be an end to Trump’s lack of popularity, but Trump has only has himself to blame. As former George W. Bush adviser Ari Fleischer put it:

‘That’s what happens when you have an unpopular president. Popularity scares people. Lack of popularity emboldens them.’

Featured Image via Getty/Nicholas Kamm/Staff