Mike Pence’s War On Women Just Hit A Major Roadblock In Federal Court – Get Ready


For many, the issue of abortion runs far deeper than simply killing an unborn child who isn’t wanted.  For some, the right to choose is about the chance to stop generational cycles of children being born/raised under less than ideal circumstances. With this in mind, the notion of the likes of Mike Pence deciding what woman can/can’t do with her body, feels reprehensible and a complete violation.

Nevertheless, movements like the one Pence has led for years in Indiana, aim to do the most to end a woman’s right to choose. However, people are fighting back against Pence’s policies, as is the case with his Indiana law mandating women to have an ultrasound at least 18 hours before getting an abortion.

The ACLU filed suit against then Governor Pence on behalf of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky. Citing that the mandate was uncalled for and presented a barrier to low-income women, a woman, U.S Federal Judge Tanya Walton Pratt issued a temporary injunction against Pence’s mandate.

As part of her 53 page ruling, Judge Walton Pratt asserted:

‘These burdens are clearly undue when weighed against the almost complete lack of evidence that the law furthers the State’s asserted justifications of promoting fetal life and women’s mental health outcomes. For women faced with the already high costs of an abortion and a lack of means to afford them, the additional expenses of lengthy travel, lost wages, and child care created by the new ultrasound law create a significant burden.’

Laws like Pence’s ultrasound policy are party of larger nationwide pushes to restrict access for abortions. As part of the injunction, it was determined that nine women were unable to get abortions because of Pence’s law.

Although the halt is temporary, it sends a strong message to Pence, Trump, and others who seek to control what women are able to do with their bodies. While gearing up for whatever may come next, the Indiana ACLU is taking a moment to celebrate this small victory. The ACLU’s Indiana Legal Director, Ken Falk, said:

‘This is a major victory for women in the state. It’s a major victory for Planned Parenthood.’

To learn more about Pence’s rigid pro-life stance, watch his March For Life speech, below:

Featured Image via Getty/Justin Sullivan/Staff