New Public Policy Poll Results In – Trump’s Approval Free-Fall Points To Meltdown


A new national poll shows that a majority of the nation’s people think Donald Trump should leave. The latest Public Policy Polling [PPP] poll reflects how far down the president’s approval rating has fallen, and the percent that wants to impeach the sitting president is astonishing.


When Trump became president, 33 percent approved of him and 43 percent disapproved. The PPP found that 53 percent of the individuals interviewed disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing, while only 40 percent approve.

When it came to how badly the continuing Russian revelations affect Trump’s political standing, 44 percent believe the president’s campaign team worked in tandem with the Russians to elect Trump. The percentage of voters who believe they did not is 42 percent, and 14 percent are uncertain.

Should the Congressional Intelligence Committee hearings or the FBI find evidence conclusively proving members of Trump’s campaign team worked with Russia to win the election, 53 percent of voters think he should resign. Just 39 percent would want him to continue as president.

A full 44 percent of the voters interviewed are in support of impeaching Trump versus 45 percent who oppose impeachment. That might indicate additional Russian revelations would lead to a majority favoring impeachment.

PPP looked at a possible 2020 presidential election run. Against former VP Joe Biden, Trump loses 40 percent to Biden’s 54. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont would win 52 percent to 41 percent. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts would win 48 percent to 43 percent. Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota would take 46 percent against 41 percent.

Biden has the highest favorability vote, 56 percent to 33. Sanders comes in second with 53 percent to 36. Warren wins with 42 percent to 39 percent, and Franken 34 percent to 34.

When it comes to healthcare, the Affordable Care Act [ACA, ObamaCare] has never been more popular. A full 52 percent of the American voters surveyed approve of it, and only 37 percent disapprove. On the other hand, TrumpCare/RyanCare [the American Care Act] wins the support of only 23 percent of the interviewees, while 56 percent of the voters prefer it.

When comparing the two plans, ACA won with 49 percent of the voters, and 28 percent preferred the American Care Act. Only 32 percent of the voters think the ACA should be repealed, while 62 percent want to keep and fix the existing plan.

According to the Public Policy Polling President Dean Debnam said:

‘The main thing that this month’s health care fight in Washington did was make Obamacare more popular than it’s ever been before. There’s little appetite from voters to repeal it at this point.’

PPP interviewed 677 registered voters on March 27th and 28th. The margin of error is +/- 3.8%. PPP found 80 percent of the interviewees via landlines and 20 percent via the internet.

To read the full poll, click on this link.

Featured Image: Getty Images.