Ivanka Called Out On CBS ‘This Morning’ – Her Reaction Is Beyond Priceless (VIDEO)


Often hailed as being a softening force for Donald Trump’s image on the campaign trail, the first daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her brand have become quite the casualty due to her father’s politics and her complicit nature.

While many originally held high hopes for Ivanka Trump to get President Trump to change his mind about things, she has done nothing of the sort. It seems that while she loves to tout that she’s an advocate for women’s rights, empowerment and gender equality in the workplace, she is perfectly content to totally sideline all of those issues to rush to the support of her misogynistic father.

Sure, President Trump provides lip service to issues surrounding women, but it cannot be missed that it is just that: shallow, empty lip service. It cannot be ignored that he is an alleged sexual assault perpetrator, makes profoundly lewd comments about women, disparages the opinions of women by claiming they must have “blood coming out of [their] wherever” and has been stripping women of their reproductive rights.

Yet, Ivanka claimed Donald Trump is a feminist — give us a break!

Recently, Ivanka Trump has had to pay a price for defending her father on these matters, and it came when she provided an interview to CBS’s This Morning, which is set to air Wednesday.

Saturday Night Live hilariously did a parody perfume ad featuring Ivanka Trump (played by Scarlett Johansson), and the interviewing reporter for CBS decided to question her on it. The perfume in the ad was called “COMPLICIT” and came with a slogan “for the woman who could stop all this, but won’t.” This message is very much on point with what feminist advocates, journalists and others have been irritated with Ivanka over for months.

In response to the line of questioning, Ivanka Trump pretended to not understand the meaning of the word “complicit” and tried to spin it positively — to re-affirm that she does indeed want to be a force for good. Sadly, that claim falls far too short for most.

In a short clip of the interview, she can be heard saying:

‘If being complicit is wanting to––is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit. I don’t know that the critics who may say that of me, if they found themselves in this very unique and unprecedented situation that I am now in, would do any differently than I’m doing.

‘I don’t know what it means to be complicit, but you know, I hope time will prove that I have done a good job.’

We hope time will prove that you’ve done a good job too. But as for right now, the people want you to know that you aren’t. So if you’re going to unofficially break nepotism rules and set up camp in the White House, can you at least actually do something useful?

EJ Dickson, a writer for Bustle summed up the sentiments of many when she wrote that Ivanka’s faulty feminism is not just unparalleled, but downright dangerous:

‘She is a pawn… someone who is pushed out into the spotlight to further the ambitions of the men in her life, only to scurry back into the shadows once she’s done being of use to them… She is as potent an avatar for toxic white male supremacy as her own father.’

Even journalists from The New York Times took a strip off Ivanka Trump, by essentially asserting that her purpose was making the heinous plans of Donald’s easier to swallow.

‘She’s a kind of post-feminist huckster, selling us traditional femininity and support of male power wrapped up in a feminist bow.”

Perhaps, if we’re lucky, she’s gone back to her 15K a month Washington D.C. rental and will Google or otherwise search out the definition of the word “complicit.” Maybe then we’ll see some real action.

WATCH the interview clip below:


Feature Image screengrab via Twitter.