Trump Jr.’s Friend Secretly Met With Flynn & Bannon About Venezuela Sanctions


While many take issue with Trump’s business and political practices, one thing is certain:  He knows exactly what he is doing. Right down to hiring and otherwise keeping his friends and family close to his administration and taking frequent trips to properties he owns, Donald Trump appears to be doing everything possible to ensure that his time in office helps his personal business ventures fare as well as possible long after he is out of office.

In the spirit of Trump keeping his friends and family close, nepotism has its perks! For Donald Trump, Jr., it appears that one of those perks is being able to use your friends to ask that sanctions against a country your family’s personal business interests could benefit from be lifted.

However, where the story gets really interesting is the part where the who is examined. Mic reports that before scandal caused Michael Flynn to resign instead of being fired, he and Steve Bannon met with Trump business partners to discuss lifting sanctions against Venezuela.

Flynn and Bannon met with Texas billionaire, Gentry Beach and international investor, Wadie Habboush. Beach has been identified as a close personal friend of Donald Trump, Jr., and that’s where ethics concerns arise.

It’s reported that Habboush presented a strategic plan to boost relationships with Venezuela and lift sanctions; in return, business opportunities for the Trump family would be opened up. Habboush reportedly came back the very next day to talk to Bannon directly.

Like lots else with the Trump administration, this meeting presents an ethical nightmare and once more calls attention to Trump’s motives and intentions, where his role as commander-in-chief are concerned. According to Mic, political insiders report that meetings between White House officials and campaign donors regarding foreign policy is a clear violation of National Security Council policies.

Mark Feierstein worked for the National Security Council under former President Obama and argues:

‘If this account is true, it raises serious questions about the conduct of foreign policy by the Trump administration. Those meetings never should have taken place at any level, let alone with senior officials in the West Wing.’

The sentiment that Trump’s decision to run for office, possible collusion with Russian officials to solidify an election win, and hiring of friends and family, was all done in the name of personal gain, is one that was shared by some Twitter users as they tweeted in response to Mic’s story:

There is no word as to whether this matter will be investigated.

Featured Image via Getty/Bloomberg/Contributor