Anderson Cooper Wins The Internet With Viral Anti-Trump Take-Down (VIDEO)


The conservatives are making fools of themselves once again. This time, on national television.

Jeffrey Lord, a conservative commentator for CNN, seemingly entertained the masses on Wednesday’s edition of Anderson Cooper 360 (AC360). While it is not immediately clear what the discussion was supposed to be about, Lord dominated the conversation when he began touting conspiracy theories pertaining to Susan Rice, National Security Advisor under President Obama.

He began:

‘If there are six people in a locked room and one of them ends up dead five of them suspect. Someone in that group unmasked to the press in violation of the law and committed a federal crime.’

Anderson Cooper then worked to clarify what it was that Lord was trying to say, given that, according to The Wall Street Journal, Susan Rice did not order the unmasking of her successor, Michael Flynn. Furthermore, the saga pertaining to Rep. Devin Nunes allegedly has nothing to do with Russia. Cooper worked to explain just that when he retorted:

‘If you’re talking about Michael Flynn, that’s not — the [Rep. Devin] Nunes stuff has nothing to do with Russia, we’re told.’

He further pressed Lord to elaborate, given that the subject of the unmasking is entirely unknown:

‘But, what was released to the press? Because you don’t even know what the subject of the unmasking was, right? Because it had nothing to do with Russia.’

Then, things really got hilarious. Lord fired back that it was exactly for that reason that an investigation was needed — in order to determine what was done, and by whom. However, given that it doesn’t pertain to Russia, and there is no legitimate evidence to support any wrongdoing, what would the investigation be looking to find out? Moreover, where would a person even begin to investigate such a thing? The GOP official who spoke to The Journal identified very clearly that all surveillance that occurred was entirely incidental and was obtained lawfully.

Yet Lord opted to stand by his initial assertion, stating:

‘That’s why we need an investigation.’

Kirsten Powers of USA Today chimed in with undoubtedly the best comment of the segment:

‘Should we investigate whether Ivanka Trump was shoplifting? Someone was unmasked, you guys have moved this into leaking.’

Essentially by saying this, Powers said what everyone was thinking at this point — that a person cannot pull allegations from the sky with absolutely no evidence and expect an investigation. Any random person with a platform could accuse Ivanka Trump of shoplifting, but that doesn’t mean there ought to be an investigation to provide that it’s false — it is presumed to be false given a resounding lack of evidence.

Lord didn’t stop there, either. Following the segment, he took to Twitter to bash a news outlet who acknowledged the preposterous nature of his comments in the segment, writing:

We suppose anything the conservatives can say to try to muster up a scandal for the Dems, is something they’re going to take a stab at. Apparently, this remains true no matter how irrational their assertions or how much they embarrass themselves in the process. Thankfully on this occasion, any chance of Lord’s proposition effectuating was squashed entirely.

Watch the heated exchange below, via YouTube:

Feature Image screengrab via YouTube.