JUST IN: Trump Makes Syria Military Action Announcement To Congressmen (DETAILS)


President Trump is reportedly considering unspecified military action in Syria as “retaliation” for the recent chemical weapons attack carried out by the Assad regime on Syrian civilians.

CNN is reporting:

‘President Donald Trump has told some members of Congress that he is considering military action in Syria in retaliation for this week’s chemical attack, and recognizes the seriousness of the situation, a source familiar with the calls tells CNN.’

The CNN report adds that Trump is relying on the judgment of the seasoned, longtime leader of the U.S. Armed Forces General James Mattis, who is Trump’s appointment to the office of Secretary of Defense.

Showing just how shallow his grasp on foreign policy has been all along, Trump said that the chemical weapons attack had caused him to rethink his administration’s prior position that the world should “come to terms” with Assad’s dictatorial rule over Syria.

Really, Trump? Just now is when you’re coming around to realizing that perhaps Assad’s rule over Syria really isn’t the best thing for the Syrian people? Just now is when you realize that there’s actually something to the six year long conflict that has displaced millions of people — people who you have barred from entering the United States and finding refuge from the murderous regime that is after them?

The “Trump doctrine” when it comes to foreign policy isn’t really anything substantive or systematic at all; rather, it’s just a big joke of a power grab for Trump.

This CNN report comes after the Trump administration already announced plans a couple of months ago for several hundred American troops to be temporarily deployed to Syria.

Featured Image via Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images.