Trump Takes Credit For Major Obama Accomplishment During Delusional Tweet Storm


Despite what Donald Trump and his supporters have said, President Obama did a lot to foster positive relationships with employers and boost jobs/reduce the unemployment rate. These things take time, however, and Trump and his flunkies continue to be quick to forget how bad off the economy and employment were after George W. Bush.

Now the fruits of President Obama’s labor around employment are paying off. Trump has played more golf, vacationed, bullied the media, and showed just how racist he can be, all in less than 100 days in office, is now trying really hard to take credit for what he says is a boost in jobs that stems from work he has done:

It didn’t take long for people to remind Trump who’s really to think for any and all new jobs that have come to fruition here of late.

Trump was also reminded about what some of the jobs he is taking credit for really look like. The latter portion of that statement to mean that automation doesn’t equal jobs for humans and Trump shouldn’t take credit in a positive way for what really amounts to jobs being taken away from deserving Americans:

The reality is that the Trump administration is not doing so hot. They’ve seen more scandal in their first 90 days than President Obama saw in eight years. Trump’s repeated attempts to take credit for that which he had nothing to do with, is sad and a direct reflection of the blatant dishonesty that continues to plague him and his entire administration.

Featured Image via Getty/Mark Wilson/Staff