Ivanka Trump Gets Roasted Hard By CNN After Praising Syria Attack – Twitter Erupts


Ivanka Trump, who likes being the face of her father’s softer side and doesn’t know what it means to be “complicit,” offered an extremely misguided praise of Trump’s airstrike in Syria in response to Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people.

Of course, Trump could have made the difficult decision to refuse to cater to his supporters’ xenophobia on the campaign trail by calling for Muslim bans to thunderous applause. He could have worked as president to help the suffering people of Syria by offering them refuge instead of signing unconstitutional executive orders that indefinitely forced refugees in Syria to stay and die instead of fleeing their murderous government. He could have been a voice for unity and empathy by decrying those “horrendous crimes” months ago instead of forcing the Syrian people to remain vulnerable to them.

CNN’s Jake Tapper responded to Ivanka Trump’s tweet by saying all that with just 140 characters.

While Tapper attracted his share of “biased news” slams on social media as a result of his question, the CNN reporter shut that down, as well. One Twitter user even called Tapper an “internet troll.”

Ivanka Trump, who has national security clearance and an office and title in the White House under her father’s administration, is no longer just a daughter of the president and off-limits for criticism and hard questions. While Trump’s supporters may see every hard question asked of the Trump administration as a vicious personal attack, they are questions that must be asked and answered.

Where was the empathy for the Syrian people in all the months preceding this use of chemical weapons by al-Assad this week? Where was all of Trump’s outrage at the atrocities committed against the Syrian people when he repeatedly slammed President Obama for wanting to respond to al-Assad’s crimes? Why wasn’t seeing those “beautiful babies” die before this week not enough to prevent Trump from saying “let Syria and ISIS fight, why do we care?” while on the campaign trail?

Where was all that concern for Syrian children when Trump signed that executive order forcing them to stay and be murdered by al-Assad?

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg