Marco Rubio Goes Haywire Over Syria Airstrike – Implicates Putin As War Criminal (VIDEO)


In an emotional call for justice, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida said bombing the Syrian air base Thursday night was not enough. The Republican senator reminded America of its moral duty to stand up for the dead children in a more powerful way.

Bashar al-Assad ordered the chemical attack on a rebel-held stronghold, but Russian President Vladimir Putin was tasked with making certain the chemicals had been destroyed. Rubio said:

‘See these children? Imagine if you are that father and that is your child who has just been gassed.’

Rubio chairs the Foreign Relations Committee’s Subcommittee on Human Rights, and Democratic Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland is the ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee. The two announced that they intended to file legislation making those responsible for war crimes in Syria pay.

The death toll was 72 when both senators held their press conference. They spoke to reporters, calling for indictments of the Syrian leader and Putin as war criminals.

The two senators jointly sponsored a 2014 measure on Syrian regime crimes against humanity. Rubio is convinced that Putin is every bit as responsible for the gas attacks as Assad and continued:

‘They’re accomplices. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal who is assisting another war criminal.’

Rubio said that Assad’s vicious attacks against his own people over and over have Syrians primed to act out of anger and resentment against their leader. The Florida senator said that people who have lost children in the gas attacks would be willing to follow anyone, even jihadist groups if necessary, to avenge their families:

‘They’re going to end up joining whatever organization is in Syria with the most money and the most guns to fight Assad.’

Rubio said that Tillerson’s remarks at his press conference on Wednesday, probably encouraged Assad’s assault on his own people. The senator said:

‘I don’t believe that it is coincidental.’

Rubio did not think Tillerson intended for Assad to take this horrendous action. The Syrian leader has used chemicals on his people many times, and it was simply a matter of time before he launched a larger attack, Rubio said.

Check out this video of the entire press conference of the Democratic and Republican senators:

Featured Image: Florida Politics Twitter Page.