Alec Baldwin Makes Triumphant Return To SNL As Trump & It Was Incredible


Returning to parody President Donald Trump again, Alec Baldwin as Trump holds a town hall, during which supporters start to realize they’ve been duped.

On┬áthe April 8 episode of Saturday Night Live actor Alec Baldwin can be seen holding a town hall. During the town hall it becomes apparent that to the Trump supporters that the president is hurting them more than helping them, but hilariously they still support him, not unlike actual Trump’s supporters.

Each voter took turns speaking with Trump, asking about programs that the budget Trump proposed would be getting rid of. One of the voters explained that the only reason his wife was able to stay living in their home is the federal rehab program.

Baldwin as Trump replied:

‘Junked! We’re gonna get rid of it.’

Trump attempted to console the man but asked:

‘You still love me right?’

The voter responded:

‘I’m not sure, but I voted for you and you’re my president.’

Baldwin as Trump smugly commented:

‘That’s why I came here, you people stand by me no matter what. It’s like you found a finger in your chili but you still eat the chili cos you told everyone how much you love chili. It’s tremendous.’

You can watch the entire skit in the video below:

Featured Image via Screen Capture