During President Obama’s tenure, Donald Trump was very critical of Obama’s occasional golf trips, often taking to Twitter to attack the president.

Given that Trump has spent nearly every weekend since taking office on the golf course, it makes sense that the White House might try to hide his golf habits from the public eye. Unfortunately, CNN’s Kevin Liptak was able to get a few pictures of Trump and posted them to his Twitter account.

The fact that these pictures are being treated in a manner similar to leaks might seem odd, but the Trump White House has gone to great pains to hide such incidents from the public eye. In February, it was revealed that Trump’s press corps were placed in a room where the windows were blacked out so they could not see Trump golf.

As disturbing as that might have been, it wasn’t quite as bad as the time the White House simply lied and told reporters that Trump was in meetings when he was actually playing a round of golf.

If Trump wants to play golf all weekend, it makes us wonder why he ran for president in the first place. Surely, he knew this job would involve work.

Featured image via Getty Images.