Foreign Billionaire ‘Friend’ Of Trump Leaks Damning Personal Info – He’s Toast


The Trump administration has continually claimed that the Trump/Russia speculations and evidence was a completely “false narrative” perpetuated by Democrats and “fake news,” but that claim is now officially dead.

Here’s why: the son of one of Russia’s richest people, and a successful businessman in his own right, Emin Agalarov recently spoke to Forbes and confirmed he and his family have business and personal ties to President Donald Trump.

Agalarov explained that the two have had a long history, and that there was concrete intentions by Trump to build a Trump tower right next to a tower of Agalarov’s in Russia, before he ran for the presidency. That said, this deal is not off the table for long. It was said that once the leadership is settled within the Trump Organization, the project will move forward.

Most ominous and profoundly frightening is how Agalarov claims Trump is a friend, and that:

‘Now that [Trump] ran and was elected, he does not forget his friends.’

Now, no one is sure quite what that means but it sounds an awful lot like someone is getting special treatment. According to Forbes, the Trump and Agalarov family ties go back to at least five years ago when the Agalarovs purchased the rights to Miss Universe from Donald Trump.

Emin Agalarov, the son and interviewee, is a pop singer and real estate mogul in Russia, and Donald Trump is actually featured in one of his music videos — if that doesn’t substantiate the relationship between the two families to some degree, I don’t know what would. It isn’t even as though he just appears in the music video either, he is featured at the very end of the video in a meeting room at the head of the table with Emin. In the video, Trump is the boss, asking Emin “what is wrong with you” after having been asleep and tells him he’s just a “pretty face”:

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Image screengrab via Emin Agalarov’s “In Another Life” music video, via YouTube.

Emin also claimed to Forbes that his father wrote Trump a letter to congratulate him on winning the 2016 presidential election, and they received a hand-written reply from Donald. He also shares that he spoke to Donald Trump Jr. as recently as January in relation to business deals.

At the end of the day this evidence proves something significant: Donald Trump bold-faced lied to the American people on countless occasions, and probably lied to an untold number of staff within his administration. How many Republicans close to Trump know about these connections and have been turning a blind eye? How long until the Republicans grow a spine and stand up for their country and impeach this traitor?

There’s no concrete answer yet, sadly.

In the meantime, WATCH the music video substantiating the Agalarov/Trump ties:

Feature Image via Getty Images.