Trump Posts Delusional Syria Tweet During Saturday AM Online Freak Out (TWEET)


This Saturday morning, President Trump returned to one of his favorite past times — tweeting.

He addressed the recent U.S. attack on Syria in one of these Saturday morning tweets, writing about it in what can only be described as conventionally bizarre, Trump-ian terms.

Last Thursday night, U.S. warships launched some sixty Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian Government airbase in what was termed “retaliation” for a chemical attack earlier this week. The planes responsible for this attack on Syrian civilians are believed to have taken off from the base that was targeted by U.S. missiles late Thursday.

One of the many problems with the operation, however, is that the base which we targeted is, by all appearances, still operational. Reports have come out that Syrian warplanes have taken off from the airbase in the days since the U.S. attack to carry out airstrikes on Syrian civilians.

Although staging a symbolic gesture to let the Assad regime know that chemical weapons attacks cross a certain line is somewhat understandable, the problems don’t end with the fact that the one base that we targeted is still operational.

In addition to that, the fact is that we just provoked a sovereign, relatively militarily potent nation and its allies, including Russia. Russia has long backed the Assad regime, and they’re not happy with our strike. Just because Putin helped bolster Donald Trump’s rise to power, that doesn’t mean that Putin would hesitate to confront the U.S. in any capacity. Putin helping Trump was only about the former getting his way; it wasn’t because of anything special about Trump.

And yet, Trump, still stuck in his fantasy land where the be-all, end-all is himself, doesn’t seem to find anything even remotely wrong with what we just did in bombing Syria.

He wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations to our great military men and women for representing the United States, and the world, so well in the Syria attack.”

Talk about “alternative facts.”

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images