Fox News Airs Sexist ‘Spring Cleaning Tips’ While Anti-Women Music Plays


No one will be surprised to hear that Fox News aired an incredibly sexist segment on its weekend edition of Fox & Friends. In Roger Ailes’ world, the feminist movement never happened and it’s still 1950.

There is a giant and obvious connection between the culture of misogyny displayed on Fox News and the astounding number of allegations of sexual harassment against both Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, but the network doesn’t seem interested in improving its image in the light of these recent controversies.

On Saturday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends, co-hosts Clayton Morris and Abby Huntsman, along with guest co-host Pete Segeth, needed to introduce an upcoming segment on spring-cleaning tips. For 30 seconds, the presenter of the segment, “Lifestyle Expert” Ana Desouza, along one with one the show’s hosts, had to pretend to demonstrate these spring cleaning techniques.

Of the three people hosting the show that day, Fox News of course chose the one with a degree in political science and communications, the one with decades of experience in national news broadcasting, to demonstrate house cleaning. They chose the only woman on the panel, Abby Huntsman.

As the two women silently cleaned and posed, Morris introduced the segment, promising tips to “make your spring cleaning a breeze, like cleaning your lamp with a lint roller. Ah, I’ve never done that.” Guest host Pete Segeth quickly asserted his manly cluelessness on housework, as well, saying “I guess your lamps get linty?”

While the two women cleaned in designer dresses and high heels, groomed to the teeth with hair and makeup perfectly applied, the 1958 hit by The Coasters, “Yakkity Yak (Don’t Talk Back) ” played in the background.

‘Take out the papers and the trash / or you don’t get no spendin’ cash / if you don’t scrub the kitchen floor / you ain’t gonna rock ‘n’ roll no more / yakkity yak / don’t talk back.’

The hosts weren’t quite done with reaffirming the stereotypical gender roles, however. When the two men finally joined the segment, Huntsman rolled her eyes at them and remarked, “I know you are thrilled about all of these.” Morris outdid even the normal level of Fox News sexism by replying, “I’m excited to watch you do it.”

If Ivanka Trump is still confused about what it means to be “complicit,” perhaps she could simply watch that exchange between Huntsman and Morris.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube