Trump Supporters Go Ballistic After Alec Baldwin’s Latest Impersonation (REACTIONS)


Last night on Saturday Night Live, the show took on the issue of Donald Trump’s absurdity yet again. Trump has, quite simply, provided them with an almost endless supply of material, making the show’s Trump-skewering sketches almost eerily close to reality.

Well, in short, Trump supporters are the real “snowflakes” who can’t take a joke. After not one, but two sketches that lampooned the fledgling presidency, Trump supporters could be found all over the web airing their grievances about why SNL’s depiction of their idol was so “pathetic.”

Eerily, many — well, pretty much all — of their comments echo those that have been made by their idol Donald himself. Trump has taken to Twitter to attack SNL in general and Alec Baldwin in particular on a number of occasions, targeting the latter because he’s the latest and most notable actor to portray Trump on SNL.

Pretty much though, it’s like Trump supporters have just been brainwashed to fall in line with their “Dear Leader.”

Sound familiar?

One Trump supporter wrote in a comment on one of SNL’s Facebook posts, “Now it’s apparent snl is nothing more than a political smear…  Your heading down the road to continually divide the American people.”

Um seriously? It’s SNL that’s “heading down the road to continually divide the American people”? I think you’ve got SNL confused with your own dear leader there, Mr. Barnish. Trump’s platform is literally to divide the American people into the good guys over here and the “bad hombres” and “dangerous” Muslims and blacks over there. The problem isn’t SNL.

Well, as mentioned, other Trumpism parrots also took to social media with similar sentiments, as featured below.

It’s patently disturbing for someone to be so lost in Trump-ian delusion that they would post a message on social media reading, “CNN… Washington Posts and SNL are the biggest fake news, propaganda machines out there! They usually prey on the not so smart and guillibles! Don’t be an idiot!”

What’s even more disturbing is that that message isn’t that far off from something that the president himself would post.

There were, as mentioned, two sketches featuring Baldwin/ Trump on the most recent episode of SNL. The first had Baldwin/ Trump speak before a crowd of his “supporters” who all brought legitimate questions to him. Baldwin/ Trump responded to all of their questions with insane, outlandish answers. The second sketch consisted of an interview between Baldwin as O’Reilly and Baldwin as Trump.

Watch the latter sketch below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.