Trump’s Sunday ‘Secret’ Activities Leaked To Media – It’s Worse Than You Think


Will President Trump ever take the job seriously that millions of people elected him to do, or is he just going to be spending all his weekends at the golf course from here on out? What is sure is that the pre-inauguration reports that Trump might not live full time in D.C. have turned out to be, in a way, accurate.

President Trump is again reportedly out golfing at the Trump International Golf Club in Florida after deciding to take a long weekend after hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping for a series of meetings at Mar-a-Lago.

It’s not immediately clear if anything productive whatsoever came out of those meetings, seeing as both men’s teams offered only vague comments to the press as to what they’d talked about.

Chinese state media took to slamming the Trump Administration, this time over the failed Syria bombing raid, shortly after that raid took place on Thursday, and such certainly doesn’t lend to assertions that the Trump/ Jinping meeting meant anything. Trump spoke conventionally oddly of his meetings with the Chinese President both before and after they took place, writing on Twitter at one point, for instance, that the meetings would be “very difficult.”

What, did you just expect the world to fall into place according to your liking, Trump?

Trump apparently seems determined to continue on with that trend of determined to do-nothing attitude by staying at the golf course to hit a few rounds of golf in the days following his not at all productive meetings with the Chinese President.

As NBC News reporter Bradd Jaffy wrote on Twitter: “[This] is the 10th weekend in a row (out of 12 as POTUS) Trump has visited a Trump-owned property (Mar-a-Lago club, FL/VA golf clubs, DC hotel).”

Check out some photos of Trump on the golf course from this Sunday below. Jaffy wrote his tweets featured above on Saturday; Trump has been at the golf course for two days in a row.

Ironically, as has been pointed out time and time again, the Trump who is now taking golf trip after golf trip as president is the same Trump who slammed President Obama every time he took even just a little time off from the White House. Trump’s hypocrisy is so bad that he is literally set to cost the nation as much in travel expenses in his ten weeks as President as President Obama spread out over two years.

Featured Image via Andrew Harrer – Pool/Getty Images