Anonymous Trump Staffers Leak Images Of Utter Chaos Inside White House


As it turns out, running a fundamentally democratic government as if it were a business doesn’t actually work. President Trump came into office promising to do just that — but it’s not working.

A number of White House staffers, speaking both off and on the record to POLITICO, have revealed that internal affairs in the Trump White House are so tumultuous that the very basic, 100 days mark of Trump’s presidency is looming like a monster in the dark. Although throughout recent history, it’s been pretty much a given that presidential administrations accumulate a list of accomplishments by the time the 100 day mark rolls around, such is not the case for Trump.

Among other things that are easily perceptible as failures, the Trump Administration’s first major legislative push — Trumpcare — is a menacing zombie, basically. It’s not gone yet, but it’s all but dead for the time being.

Trumpcare’s first incarnation failed on account of a lack of appeal among the most radically far right members of Congress, but if Republican leadership crafts a bill that panders to these people than they might lose the so-called “moderate” Republicans. As for Democrats, as a rule, they’re unsurprisingly not interested in backing an Obamacare repeal. After all, every plan that the Republicans have come up with thus far has left tens of millions of people losing their health coverage.

The other “failures” of the infantile Trump Administration include the President’s repeated attempts to institute a Muslim-targeting travel ban in the name of national security. Each time that the President has signed that ban into law, it’s been promptly struck down by the court system. After all, this is America, and we have something called the First Amendment — the government is not allowed to discriminate based on religion.

Well, sure, all of these things are bad, but they’ve just been spun poorly by the media, right? Surely the internal affairs of the Trump White House are chugging along fine and dandy towards the goal of making America “great again,” right?


As mentioned, a number of officials have gone both on and off the record to speak to POLITICO about the internal desperation as the Trump Administration hurtles towards the 100 days progress mark with pretty much nothing to show for the past weeks that Trump has been in office. As POLITICO notes, Trump is a uniquely public image centered President, so cultivating his public image in light of the impending 100 days mark is no small task.

As one anonymous White House official said, “One hundred days is the marker, and we’ve got essentially two-and-a-half weeks to turn everything around. This is going to be a monumental task.”

Underscoring just how torn apart and polarized the Trump White House actually is, the White House Communications Director Mike Dubke actually ended up griping to POLITICO about staffers airing their grievances anonymously through the press instead of coming to him. Dubke told the publication: “It is unproductive adjudicating internal discussions through the media.”

Dubke held a “tense” planning session for the 100 days mark last week, which was the focus of the anonymous staffers’ griping.

One such person told POLITICO that the structure of the meeting made them feel like they were “back in 5th grade,” while others postulated that Dubke was a rather impotent figure in the grand scheme of the administration.

Overall, the Trump team is heading for yet another disaster in that they’re not going to have anything to show for their first 100 days when that time rolls around. Reports have circulated saying that Trump might end up firing his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon.

Featured Image via Cheriss May/ NurPhoto via Getty Images