BREAKING: Horrific Shooting At Elementary School Hits At Least 4 (DETAILS)


There are reports of “multiple victims” at the North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California, this Monday afternoon after a shooting incident.

The shooter is reportedly “down,” with reports varying as to how many victims that there are. ABC News says on Twitter, however, that the threat is contained.

There is no apparent word yet as to what motive there might be for this act of horrific violence. San Bernardino was the site of a mass shooting carried out by radicalized Muslims in 2015, but there’s no indication, as mentioned, of any sort of similar motive behind this incident.

NBC’s Bradd Jaffy reports on Twitter that there are four victims, two of whom are students while the other two are teachers.

Neither their identities or details about their conditions have been released, although there doesn’t seem to be any indication that any of the victims have succumbed to their wounds as of yet.

San Bernardino’s Fire Department reported on Twitter at about 1:45 PM Eastern time that a “triage and victim count” was taking place, and they haven’t reported anything since.

The discrepancy between varying reports on the incident in terms of how many victims that there are could be attributable to the shooter being counted among those who have been affected by the incident.

The AP confirms on Twitter that the incident was a “murder-suicide.”