BREAKING: Russia & Iran Make Military Strike Announcement Against US Forces (DETAILS)


Some say Trump’s flip-flopping regarding Syria is gross display of poor judgment in an attempt to get people to stop looking into his connection to Vladimir Putin/Russia, collusion with Russia regarding the possible rigging of Election 2016, and generally corrupt dealings with the Russian government. Whatever his reasons, the paradox of not allowing Syrians into the U.S., then rushing to be their savior, is a brand of hypocrisy that many Americans can’t seem to wrap their minds around.

In addition to Trump playing politics with people’s lives, the reality that Syria and their allies could very well fire back and war be declared, is one that has some understandably afraid. War as a possible next step was confirmed when Russia and Iran issued Donald Trump a firm warning and made their feelings about his actions, abundantly clear:

The Joint Command Operation Center of Syrian Allies, which includes Russia and Iran, released a statement that said in part:

‘The United States crossed red lines by attacking Syria, from now on we will respond to anyone, including America if it attacks Syria and crosses the red lines. America knows very well our ability and capabilities to respond well to them, [and] we will respond without taking into consideration any reaction and consequences.’

Fighting words, right? They didn’t stop there, the group went on to boldly warn:

‘Rest assured that we will liberate Syria from all kinds of occupying forces, it does not matter from where they came to the occupied part of Syria. Russia and Iran will not allow the United States to be the only superpower in world.’

The statement also made it clear that Syrian allies are closely monitoring U.S. movement in the country, saying that they’re:

‘. . .closely and deeply following American forces’ moves and presence.’

The Syrian ally group doesn’t consider American troops to be friendly, calling them “an occupying force.”

Russia’s refusal to drop their support of the Syrian government has led many to believe that Russia may have been somehow involved in and/or otherwise knew about the chemical attack that led to Donald Trump’s decision to fire missiles into a Syrian airbase. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) went as far as calling Russia “complicit.” He argued:

‘Absolutely they’re complicit. Russian intelligence may not be as good as ours, but it’s good enough to know the Syrians had chemical weapons, were using chemical weapons.’

Further muddying the waters about the Trump administration’s relationship with the Russian government, Rex Tillerson defended the country and refused to acknowledge the mere prospect that Russia at bare minimum, knew about the chemical attack before it happened. Because defining what it means to “attack,” is purely subjective, the idea of Syrian allies using any actions on the part of American forces, as a reason to retaliate, isn’t far-fetched.

Featured Image via Getty/Mikhail Svetlov/Contributor