Federal Complaint Filed Against Donald Trump & It Couldn’t Be More Perfect


Well then.

As you may recall, in the days following Donald Trump’s inauguration, a controversy exploded after he effectively banned employees of the Environmental Protection Agency from communicating with the public in any capacity about their work.

The spirit of that ban affected a number of federal agencies, with the National Parks Service and scientists with the United States Department of Agriculture also temporarily banned from communicating with the public at around the same time as the ban went into effect at the EPA.

As a measure of opposition to the social media bans, a number of Twitter accounts sprung up, marketing themselves as alternative outlets for those federal employees would had already or may in the future find themselves silenced by the Trump administration.

The idea of the bans on the part of the Trump administration went along with their “review” of every governmental entity that they could get their hands on. Trump came into office with little regard for actually getting things done, concerning himself more with keeping his guns blaring, so to speak, and his base riled up.

Unsurprisingly, there was a firestorm of criticism against the infantile Trump administration for their silencing of the NPS, EPA, and USDA in rapid succession.

Besides the public outcry, there was also something apparently going on behind the scenes in protest of Trump’s silencing of these federal agencies, something that Vice News has just uncovered.

According to documents handed over to Vice after the news organization filed a Freedom of Information Act request, an unidentified caller phoned in a complaint to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Inspector General on the occasion of Trump’s social media ban, and boy did he “let loose,” as the Vice writer describes it.

The complaint consisted of a remarkably on point and yet expletive ridden assertion that the people of the United States, as represented by the many lower level federal government employees who aren’t in the presidential administration’s pocket, aren’t going to stand for “President” Donald Trump’s “bullsh*t.”

This unidentified caller’s just revealed complaint went, in part, as follows:

‘I have a complaint to file that we are being run by a f*cking fascist. I want you to know the American people have your backs. We are not going to stand for this bulls*it. I believe in the work you do. I work for the federal government and I know how much work you do and that you care. We are going to get this c*cksucker out of office. I can’t bear to see what’s happened to this country. We are f*cking there for you. I do not expect you to call me back.’

Amen to that, brother (or sister, who knows).

Vice News says that this complaint actually prompted an investigation to be opened, which is not always the case for such complaints. Vice doesn’t provide details about the scope of that investigation.

There are offices of the Inspector General at 73 federal agencies, apparently, with each office having implemented safeguards against retaliation against employees who report issues. Some heads of these offices are, according to Vice, appointed by the President, while others are designated by the head of whatever agency needs a new Inspector General at the time.

Earlier this year, The Washington Post reported that the Trump transition team was exploring strategies to oust all Inspectors General from office across the federal government. The current Inspector General of the EPA is an Obama appointee, Arthur A. Elkins Jr.

Featured Image via Shawn Thew/Pool via Bloomberg/Getty Images.