JUST IN: U.S. Makes Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Announcement (DETAILS)


With regard to Russia’s involvement in the Syrian chemical attack, whether directly by in some way helping to execute the attack, or indirectly by knowing, but doing nothing, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) didn’t hold back about his feelings that Russia was indeed “complicit.” He said:

‘Absolutely they’re complicit. Russian intelligence may not be as good as ours, but it’s good enough to know the Syrians had chemical weapons, were using chemical weapons.’

Per the usual, the Trump administration refused to see the forest for the trees and didn’t state the obvious, which would’ve in turn enabled them to plan next steps in a more timely fashion. Rex Tillerson was quick to defend Russia, arguing that he hasn’t “seen any hard evidence” that Russia was involved in the attack — this, despite the fact that Russia made their stance on the United States’ use of military force in Syria very clear. Russia is prepared to fire back should America use further military force in Syria.

Either Tillerson was lying or his efforts to further protect the Russian government are more important to him than serving the interests of American citizens. It has now been confirmed that Russian officials did know about the Syrian chemical attack before it happened. It also appears that the Russian government may have tried to cover up the attack.

According to an American intelligence official, a Russian drone was flying over a hospital while survivors of the attack were seeking medical assistance. Shortly after the attack, a Russian manufactured fighter plane bombed the hospital in what he Associated Press is calling, “an attempt to cover up the usage of chemical weapons.”

This same staffer says there is no evidence of the Russian government being involved in the actual chemical attack. However, attempting to cover-up the attack and knowing, but doing nothing about the use of chemical warfare before it happened, still makes Russia highly complicit. While no one in the Trump administration has said that, Adam Schiff having already done so serves is a reminder that there are some in Washington who will likely press the issue of Russia’s connection to the attack.

Although the intelligence official wouldn’t directly connect Russia to the chemical attack more than the comments he/she offered, the person was willing to say that the drone flying over the hospital wasn’t a coincidence.

Surprisingly, Fox News covered the story of Russia’s knowledge of the Syrian chemical attack, that video may be seen below:

Featured Image via Getty/Mikhail Svetlov/Contributor