Post-Syria Strike Trump Approval Ratings Are In — WH Freak-Out Imminent (STATS)


For all of President Trump’s talk of making America great again, it seems as though what he’s actually doing is simply making it great again in the fairy tale land of his followers’ imaginations.

There is no surge of public optimism about America’s future, such as would be expected were Trump’s grandiose pronouncements even remotely connected to reality. Rather, the precise opposite of a “surge of public optimism” is being recorded, with Trump’s approval rating staying down in the dumps as the weeks drag on.

Notably, the latest numbers from the Gallup Organization cover the three day period following Trump’s orders for the U.S. Navy to strike a Syrian Government air base, but that strike didn’t do anything noticeable to Trump’s approval rating.

His approval rating as recorded by the Gallup Organization has stayed the exact same ever since the Syria strike, at 40 percent. His disapproval rating has also stayed at about the same, moving between 53 and 54 percent in the days following the strikes. That slight change, mind you, was based on data that was collected before the Syria strikes. However, now, with this newest data, the disapproval rating has remained effectively the same.

Check out a chart below showing the trend lines for Trump’s approval and disapproval ratings as recorded by the Gallup Organization throughout recent weeks.

trump-gallup Post-Syria Strike Trump Approval Ratings Are In -- WH Freak-Out Imminent (STATS) Donald Trump Politics Top Stories

Factoring a couple more post-Syria strike polls into its numbers than just the Gallup one, the Huffington Post chart detailing Trump’s approval rating — as featured below — shows the same non-change in the days since the Syria strike.

pollster-trump-job-approval-3-1024x647 Post-Syria Strike Trump Approval Ratings Are In -- WH Freak-Out Imminent (STATS) Donald Trump Politics Top Stories

In short, the Trump presidential administration is so polarizing that the country can’t even get behind the White House when confronted with the supposedly common enemy of a belligerent foreign dictator.

The Trump presidential administration’s show of making the strike be about “protecting Syrian children” evidently hasn’t really flown with the majority of the population. After all, if Trump really wanted to protect Syria’s children, perhaps he ought to walk back his attacks on the U.S. program to accept Syrian refugees. Syrian refugees aren’t terrorists; rather, they’re desperate people who are trying to escape the brutal dictatorship that President Trump had a demented epiphany about after Syrian civilians were gassed — again.

The rest of us have known how bad Syria is, and that staging power shows is a waste of energy, for a lot longer than Trump has, and we’re not impressed by his antics.

Featured Image via Win McNamee/Getty Images