Trump Tweets Delusional Syria Propaganda During Late Night Tweet Blast


Ever the showman, President Trump took to Twitter late Sunday night to address last week’s Syria strike. He retweeted a collage of images from the U.S. Navy’s Twitter account showing members of the Armed Forces receiving calls from the President in honor of their participation in carrying out that strike.

You can see both Trump’s tweet and the original tweet from the U.S. Navy below. Trump wrote, simply, “Thank you @USNavy! #USA,” while the original tweet is captioned, “.@POTUS @RealDonaldTrump calls #USSPorter and #USSRoss commanding officers to thank them and crews – #SyriaStrikes.”

In the context of what’s actually going on, Trump’s “showmanship” in this tweet is an example of sickening propaganda that shows nothing other than how committed to his public image he actually is.

The Syria strikes that we carried out last Thursday night were, even if remotely gallant in their intention, ultimately a failure. They accomplished nothing other than putting American security on the line. The base that we targeted in “retaliation” for the recent chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians is still operational, while we now have Russia and Iran saying that they’re ready to confront us militarily if we do anything like that again.

Should Trump continue on with the same foreign policy that dictated last week’s strike against the Syrian government and send more ground troops to Syria, than American lives would legitimately be threatened.

Yet, President Trump is in a blissful, self-induced la la land where none of that matters. The only thing that matters in Trump’s world is that he carry the exertion of his power to its logical conclusion via placing these phone calls with no public reference to the danger that he’s placed the country in.

Comments on Trump’s tweet capture the absurdity of the situation quite well.

Certainly our military men and women deserve respect and recognition, but Trump has corrupted that entire process.

Featured Image via Olivier Douliery/Pool via Bloomberg/ Getty Images