Trump’s Next Weekend Plans Revealed To Media – Outrage Erupts In Seconds (TWEETS)


Donald Trump has pushed the country to the brink of war and he hasn’t even been in office for 90 days.

Unfortunately, vacationing, not running the country appears to have Trump’s undivided attention. He is doing it so much that one can reasonably wonder how/when he is tending to matters that impact Americans who don’t have the privilege of spending almost every weekend at a resort.

Donald Trump is at Mar a Lago so much, the Palm Beach Post published a highly cynical article outlining what Trump’s trips ultimately amount to. The paper wrote:

‘President Donald Trump wound up an eventful Palm Beach weekend in a distinctly Trumpian way – ditching the press corps and sneaking away from Mar-a-Lago early in the day for a light breakfast and round of golf with friends at his Trump International Golf Course. No prime ministers, no presidents, no distinguished foreign visitors. Just a guy from Queens with seven pals hitting a few.’

There was no business being conducted and contrary to Sean Spicer’s attempts to defend Trump’s frequent lavish excursions, more often than not, Trump isn’t conducting official business on his Mar a Lago getaways. With this and the fact that Trump is fresh off a four-day stay at Mar a Lago, in mind, one would think that Trump has enough vacation/self-care time that he could/should stay in Washington and at least give the appearance of being diplomatic and serious about his job.

Don’t count on Trump to stay in D.C. any time soon. While dining at Mar a Lago over the weekend, a guest inquired about when Trump will be back. Trump replied:

‘Yes. I’ll be here for Easter.’

Clarifying to ensure that Trump understood that he was acknowledging that after four days in Palm Beach he’d be back in just a few days, the guest said:

‘Oh, so next week?’

Trump didn’t like the clarifying question, and had a visible reaction. He rolled his eyes and flippantly answered:

‘Is Easter next week? Well then, I guess I’ll be back next week.’

Sharing the tone of the person who reminded Trump that his back-to-back golf weekends are excessive, people took to Twitter to sound-off:

Featured Image screengrab via the Los Angeles Times.