Congressman Who Yelled ‘You Lie!’ At Obama Gets Shamed With ‘You Lie!’ Chant


Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) was confronted at a town hall meeting at Aiken Technical College Monday evening when angry constituents began yelling “you lie” at the lawmaker following comments about healthcare reform.

As Wilson was greeted with boos and chants, while attendees captured the mishap on their cell phones before posting the footage online.

The irony, however, is that Wilson made national headlines back in 2009 for shouting “you lie” at former President Barack Obama during a joint address to Congress.

A supporter of the American Health Care Act, Wilson planned on voting to repeal and replace ObamaCare last month, before its inevitable implosion.

He told the crowd at the town hall meeting:

‘My concern about Obamacare is that we have already seen skyrocketing premiums, we have seen deductibles become unapproachable to work with. People have lost their doctors, they have lost insurance, they have lost their jobs. We can do better. By having the ability of buying insurance across state lines, association health plans and by increasing the ability of health savings accounts, we would provide choice that Obamacare simply has not presented. And it wouldn’t impact employment, it would give them more choice as well.’

That’s when the crowd erupted into boos and chants of “you lie, you lie” — a stark reminder of what he’d once shouted himself during President Obama’s State of the Union address in 2009.

William Leaphart from Lexington, Kentucky, who has family in the area, was among those in the crowd. He told WRDW-TV:

‘He [Wilson] was pretty evasive on a whole bunch of issues, especially with healthcare. He just gave a whole bunch of different talking points but nothing really new about solutions for people in the second Congressional District.’

He went on to elaborate:

‘I think people are so concerned about healthcare. Just because the government tried to take it away and I think a lot of people don’t really know what they have or what they’re going to miss until it’s about to be taken away. And we see that they tried to do it and it really didn’t work, so I think that struck a nerve with a whole bunch of people.’

Despite the critics, however, Wilson did have some supporters in attendance. Brandon Knight from North Augusta said he didn’t think attendees booing were there to actually listen to what Wilson had to say:

‘I believe a lot of the people who was here tonight wasn’t here to listen to Congressman Wilson. They was here to cause a disturbance, chaos, disrupt the meeting. They weren’t here to actually listen to solutions, what he had to say. I just believe they had their own agenda.’

Watch the clip of angry attendees shouting “you lie” at Wilson below, via YouTube:

Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.