JUST IN: North Korea Makes Nuclear Bomb Announcement; Trump To Blame


North Korea has finally responded to the deployment of a U.S. Navy strike group off its coast by the Trump Administration, and the response — unsurprisingly — isn’t promising for the cause of promoting world peace.

The Trump Administration’s deployment of the aforementioned strike group came just a short time after a similar group of Navy vessels carried out an attack on a Syrian government airfield. That move was widely decried as an unnecessary and impotent act of war, and following that up with the announcement that a Navy strike group would be deployed to off the coast of North Korea didn’t do anything to calm tensions.

Although the full statement from the North Korean Foreign Ministry Spokesman isn’t immediately available — and may not even be in English — there are disturbing tidbits of it coming out this Monday evening. It is, as mentioned, the first response from North Korea after the deployment of a Navy strike group as a “show of force.”

A far eastern news source reports that the North Korean government says: “This goes to prove that the US reckless moves for invading [North Korea] have reached a serious phase,” adding that the dictatorship’s spokesman said that their nation is prepared for “war” in the event of “further escalation in the region.”

A Twitter account called “The Spectator Index” adds that North Korea “says US actions ‘justify’ the expansion of their nuclear capabilities.”

In short — thanks, Trump, you’re dragging us ever closer to war.

Featured Image via KNS/ AFP/ Getty Images.