Sean Spicer Went On CNN To ‘Apologize’ & It Was A Total Disaster (VIDEO)


Sean Spicer has said and done a lot of dumb things since the Trump administration took office. The entire Trump administration has said and done a lot of dumb things since taking office. However, Spicer’s insensitive, ignorant, and utterly embarrassing comments about Hitler not having used chemical warfare, are the apex of things he has said.

Perhaps even more stupid on Spicer’s part was the decision to go on the show of the son of Holocaust survivors, to apologize. Not a good move at all. Wolf Blitzer immediately saw the dog and pony show Spicer was trying to put on.

Holding Spicer accountable, Blitzer said:

‘Why did you even make that comparison? Tell us who you’re apologizing to. Are you worried that you have a credibility problem?’

Blitzer isn’t the only person who isn’t here for Spicer’s apology. Twitter users shared his understandable tone of cynicism and doubt:

Ironically, despite Spicer’s attempt to sound sincere, when Blitzer schooled Spicer about some of the events that took place during the Holocaust, Spicer wasn’t as humble and docile as one would expect. He took a haughty tone and even snapped back with a flippant response when informed about the facts surrounding the use of chemical warfare. Spicer snidely remarked:

‘Yes, clearly I’m aware of that.’

However, he didn’t sound so “aware” of that when he denigrated the Holocaust and plight of Hitler-era Jews earlier on Monday. Someone should remind Spicer that when you’re apologizing for insulting people you don’t get to be as arrogant and pompous as you were when you levied your initial insult.

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.