Trump Gets On Twitter For Passover & Panders To Jews Like A Phony (TWEET)


Donald Trump picks and chooses when he will be so-called respectful of various faiths and which religions he will do his version of respecting. The clear message that Trump has sent Muslims is that he neither respects them, nor wants them in America.

However, when he has something to gain, Trump has shown that the very people he will ostracize and exclude, he wants to protect. Most damning and disrespectful is that one of Trump’s best friends and key member of his staff is a known anti-semite and white nationalist, in Steve Bannon.

For these reasons and more, Donald Trump wishing people a “Happy Passover,” then giving a traditional Jewish greeting via hashtag, just doesn’t feel genuine. Trump tweeted:

People responded to Trump’s tweet to let him know just how insincere and bogus his tweet comes across:

And while all of the above responses to Trump’s superficial and poor attempt to be culturally inclusive are legitimate, the reply below is perhaps the most telling. It serves as a bitter reminder that at times when Trump should be in touch with what’s going on in America, he instead chooses to put on facades that people easily see through:

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